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Do you like Harvey?

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Harvey Ryan  

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I remain somewhere in between no and the centre on this one. Harvey has the potential to be a decent character but his storyline with Roo has not only made his character dislikable but it's also made Roo an average character as well.

I'd most likely vote 'no' in this case, but I'm not definitive about it.

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It seems like Harvey Ryan as a main character was a last-minute decision. They made him so unlikable when he was a guest character that they wrote themselves into a corner as to where to go next. Without Lottie he is pointless, and has turned Roo into a very boring character.

Apparently they knew all along that he was going to be a main character which makes his introduction especially baffling. With John Palmer at least they had the excuse that they didn't know he would one day be a main character when they were writing him as Trey's borderline abusive stepdad.

It seems that the (on) crack writing staff think that "Jerk character" + "Sob story background" + "relationship with main character" = likeable character. It doesn't because "Jerk character" is the most important part of the equation.

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I voted 'No', mainly because there was only two options, but I'm more in the middle ground.I don't dislike him like I used to and there are times when I find his dry humour and neurotic behaviour quite amusing.But I wouldn't go as far as saying I actually like him.

I'm curious to know what, if anything, they had planned for the character, I suspect he was originally meant to be a recurring antagonist rather than someone particularly central.I heard he was originally signed up for just two episodes, then they offered him a contract as a long-term guest character, which would explain why it takes a few weeks for him to reappear.Oddly, in those first two episode he's fairly inoffensive and mostly reacting to Romeo's latest self-absorbed behaviour.It was only when he became semi-permanent that he suddenly turned into a creep.

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