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  1. Mean Girls. One of the funniest movies ever. Can quote pretty much the whole movie. "Regina: Ma'am, do you have this in the next size up? Saleslady: Sorry, we only carry sizes 1, 3, and 5. You could try Sears." "Get in loser, we're going shopping" "I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me... but I can't help it that I'm so popular" "Alyssa, I'm sorry I called you a gap-toothed bitch. It's not your fault you're so gap-toothed. " "Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die!" "She doesn't even go to this school"
  2. These two are set to hit Australian screens tonight. I thought I would get the topic going on them and see what people think of them. From what I've seen on the official websites and some teasers and sneak peeks here and there Plus both Spencer and Maddie are really hot.
  3. ^^^ I'm afraid I must disagree. Sure their relationship has cause some others harm but in the end I feel as though they've had the perfect soap opera relationship. That being one with lots of drama and in the end they still love, care and need each other. Now from spoilers that I've seen I know that something's coming year that will probably change everything.
  4. Wow my grammar was really bad andauto correct really made me seem like an idiot. Sorry if its hard to understand. Not bothered editing and I typed it on my iPhone
  5. IMO 1988-mid1990 was the classic years. After Tom's death and Pippa makeover I felt as if it was almost a completely different show. Also by that time so many originals had already left eg Martin, Lance, Celia, Floss, Neville, Frank, Roo etc. mid1990-1993 Moving Forward Era This was the time that saw the end of many classics like Carly, Bobby and Steven (fist time). Definetly a time of great change and the end of the Fletcher's as Pippa Fletcher became Pippa Ross leave Sally as te only fletcher left. mid1993-1998 Making a Stance Era. There were so many people being fostered in this time it's unbelievable but seemed to work as this is when I believe it started to become popular and was the time that formed many classics characters such Alf, Ailsa, Donald, Marilyn, Irene etc. Also the era of the Ross' as Michael and Pippa expanded the family only to loose out in 1996 when Michael died. Also the end of Pippa. 1998-2000. Boring Era Don't remember anything that special happening in this time. More or less a transition from what was Home and Away to what is has now become. Saw the death of Ailsa making Alf and Donald the only two top dogs of the bay. 2000-2003 Family Era Introduction of the Sullivans and the Hunters. Leah and Vinnie get married and have VJ. Gypsy and will get married and have Lily. This also saw the end to Donald and brought Alf to head of the pack as Sally became more exposed. 2004-mid2008 Crazy Stalker Time Era From Sarah to Zoey/Eve. From Charlie (not Buckton) to that crazy guy who tried to burn Ric. From Rocco Cooper to Johnny Cooper to Sam Holden. This era seemed to have two storylines. Sarah killed Noah then herself which lead to her psycho lesbian lover to reak havoc on Summer Bay only to be killed in an explosion in an abandoned warehouse only to be rediscovered as alive only to subsequently again be killed in an explosion at a barn for good (or was it? Yes it was) at Martha and Jack's first wedding. The other being lets kill Sally by stabbing her but oh no Rocco failed sonlets kill him then Johnny can stab her but oh no he failed two but wamts to take down Sam with him but wait, Sam kills him and then herself in an attempt to ruin any chance of Martha and Jack getting back together. Also I think this is definetly wher Sally became the number one character and Flynn's death certainly helped but then again she left as soon as she was at her highest and found her long lost twin brother Miles who she had always thought was her imaginary friend Milco. Well that took me some time to type up. What's next you say? mid2008-2010 1998-2000 All Over Again Era This was much like 1998-2000 where nothing that memorable or exciting happened and dispute the People Smuggling storyline which I did enjoy it was still boring. I felt like it was based way to much on teen drama which is so repetitive and boring. This is however where I think Irene and Leah joined Alf at the top of the food chain as favourite characters. 2011-present Trying To Hard Era This is the new era where as so many people have left and so many new people have arrived and the writers are trying to hard to come up with new and innovative story lines beaur everything else has been done already on the show. Hence why I believe they brought in the Braxtons. They are something very different to any other era but they are good for a intense storyline but have overshadowed other storylines making them overexposed and unrelatable. I mean who do you know who's father tried to make them rob a pub and kill the manager only to turn the gun on his father later to be kidnapped by a mystery man who take them to the desert and reveals that his their long lost brother and is now going to kill him in revenge only to be saved by his other brother and his onagain-offagain-onagain-offagain girlfriend but not by his other brother because he just lost his son to SIDS. I do. IMO the best era was probably the Crazy Stalker Time Era becaus it was serious intense and fun to watch although it was ridiculous. Then the Trying To Hard Era because again it was interesting and intense plus it was when we lost Charlie who was is and always will he my favourite character ever. He send othe was very suiting in terms of storyline. I wish she never left and can't wait for her return. The. To list the rest in order of how much I liked them it would go Moving Forward Era, Classic Era, Making a Stande Era, 1998-2000 Again Era, Family Era and then Boring Era.
  6. Tamara was the mystery girl who saved Casey while he was kidnapped in the desert. However when Natalie and Brax were in the desert with Casey they didn't see her so they thought she was imaginary. Casey then was convinced she was until she arrived in Summer Bay a couple of days ago.
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  8. Indi Walker 46 (+1) Dex Walker 58 (-1) Sasha Bezmel 115
  9. Yuck Yuck Yuck. I cant believe any like harvey. From the moment i saw him i thought no way. He has to go. He wasn't even ment to be a regular. I read that he was signed for only 6 months or so and then he asked the producers for a longer contract. Thats why his only storyline is with Roo. And might i just add that before Harvey I could see Roo as being one of those classic Home and Away character who could have really good storylines much like Irenes storylines in the past few years like fostering kids and faces murder charges, some sort of alcohol or drug abuse. I think that as long as Harvey is there Roo will be stuck as a second rate character with no purpose what so ever. I hope Harvey dies. P.S. I heard his contract might be finished around the end of 2012 - start of 2013.
  10. To me Romeo and Indi are one of those couples that come along every few years or so. The reason the character of Romeo was made was for Indi and the reason Indi was made was for Romeo. They are like Matilda and Ric, Tasha and Robbie, Jack and Martha, Kane and Kirsty, Belle and Aden. They were put together at the start and will be together right till the end.
  11. I think that Tamara is going to have a much bigger role in upcoming weeks. I bet she know who Casey is and has some relationship with him and will end up in the Bay. However I also have a feeling she might be a figment of Casey's imagination after all the drama his been through and how Natalie claims that "there is no girl."
  12. I don't see him as a possible regular but after what happened in the outback and can definitely see him coming back after Casey's trial and try to get revenge again. I think he might play a big role in the season finale.
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