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Yes even I must admit I don't find Harvey nearly as dislikable as I used to, but that's probably as a result of them playing it very safely with his character currently. Since his character transplant I have enjoyed his growing bond with Spencer, and the effort Harvey has been making to develop their relationship, as he regrets losing that opportunity with Ben. This is something I hope they continue to develop, and I hope that Lottie makes a guest return now and again.

EDIT: I would also like to express my surprise and delight in the efforts to repair the 'relationship' between Harvey and John. Recently at UK pace Harvey visited John to again express his sympathy following Gina's death and to let John know that he would be there if he needed a friend.

In the past I've hated moments when two characters that positively loath each other suddenly interact in this way, following no resolution of the previous hostility. Thankfully in this instance John was quick to point out that they could hardly call themselves friends given their history. Once Harvey explained that actually he knew the grief John must be experiencing having lost a son himself, I liked that John opened up to him and I hope their friendship is developed now rather than dropped. Friendships like these are important and should be the focus of the show, not just used as a plot device.

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