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Swearing on Home and Away

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The other day I was watching Home and Away: The Early Years and I heard Emma call a girl a 'bitch'. Then about 3 weeks later, Emma made this statement against her mother Bridget: 'The rotten bitch can die for all I care' and then just yesterday, I was watching another episode (Episode 527, I have MyStar and I series-linked it), Ailsa and Alf just came home after Tom's death and Bridget said that they ruined her and Emma's plans by coming home late. Ailsa became angry and said this to Bridget: 'Bridget, your the most selfish bitch God ever put breath into!' and walked off.

My point is, have you ever heard any Home and Away characters swear and what did they say?

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I think the most famous one that people seem to remember, albeit more recent, is Robbie Hunter's "I pissed my pants".

'Bitch' and 'bloody' were used a fair bit back in the day, there's been 'tosser' once or twice, and something's telling me there was a 'bastard' once..... but that's pretty much as strong as it got.

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