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  1. I'm curious .. does anyone still keeps collecting these Home and away fancards/cast cards? Do they still send them out? I'm still looking for cards of both current and past cast members. Black/white, colored ones doesen't matter as long as I don't have them. Also I'm looking for anyone interessted in trading /selling cards. I have lots to trade with. . PM med If interessted. . Thanks /maciam
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me. Over the years I have been collecting Home and away fancards, all sorts. But last 5 years it has been so hard for me to find any. Since I live on the other side of the earth from you (Sweden), it been even harder to locate them. I know there are cards out there. I also know about Ebay. I don't use Ebay. I have tried many times over the years writing to The Home and away officer, But without luck. At the moment I'm looking for these cards : * Emily Symons (if she has a new one) * Pe
  3. I received 2 fancards of Olivia Deeble and Orpheus Pledger last year. Before that nothing for a long time..
  4. If anyone ever wants to give away or sell any kind of Home and away fancards from over the years, I'm searching for a lot of them. Just pm me. Thanks.
  5. I haven't had any replies from the actors, but the Home and away office sent me 2 cards last year of Raechelle & Scott. Other than that, nothing.
  6. I got a fancard of Scott Lee from the Home and away office last week.
  7. Do you still have cards to sell? Maybe you can pm me if you have? maciam
  8. I haven't seen any new fancards since Kyle Pryor. Can someone please update me on any new cards? I'm looking for any new cards if there is anyone who might have a double or something, I'm always interessted. Which of the actors are the newest regulars on the show? I haven't been able to Watch it for about 6 months.
  9. Thanks Dan. Wish the show had many more fun scenes liike these..
  10. In which episode is Aden teaching Geoff to operate a boat with vegetables??
  11. Hey, what do I write/type in where it says URL? I'm not good with computers. I do have a photo.
  12. What a surprise:-) This week I recieved a personally signed fancard from Philippa Northeast Good thing as I have never even written her a letter!! I sent to the office about 2 months ago.
  13. Hey. Does anyone know if Home and away still sends out fancards?? Haven't heard back from them for about 2 years.. and I have sent letters several times.. Which address do I use these days? Thanks.
  14. Hi, Not sure if this is the place to ask but.. I lost my collection of B/W Home and away cards shortly before moving about 3 weeks ago.. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has any kind of B/W cards that would be possible to buy or trade. I still have my colored cards. If so.. PM me. Thanks.
  15. New fancards out.. I haven't recieved any cards for awhile.. But I know for sure there are new fancards out on - Lincon Younes - Isabella Giovinazzzo - Jessica Grace Smith - Matt Snow - Tai Hara - Philippa Northeast - Will McDonald I don't know how to put pics to my messages..But I have scans of these. - Cassie Howarth - Bonnie Sveen - Kyle Pryor Haven't got scans of these yet.. Just in case anyone's interessted
  16. I have tried to insert a pic to my message but it won't work. How do I do it??
  17. This week I recieved a personally signed fancard from Charlie Clausen. I also recieed 10 fancards from Channel 5 in UK. The Dan Ewing card was even signed. Does anyone if channel 7 has released new cards during last year?
  18. Who lives in the Place Roman used to these days? Have we ever seen Irene's room in her house?
  19. Does anyone know if there has been any new fancards for the cast yet?
  20. Today I recieved 2 signed fancards from the Home and away office, one from Ada, and also one personally signed from Ray.
  21. This is the same address I have been using for years.. But last 2 years there is no replies at all.. I have sent many letters.
  22. What address are you using when you get replies, and do you write to office or to the actors?
  23. I know Marcus Graham has been sending out fancards latey.. Though I haven't reieved any. Does anyone knows why the Home and away office stopped sending out fancards about 2 years ago? Was there a reason?
  24. I know it haven't been many replies from the actors the last two years. If anyone is interessted, I can help out with past fancards as I have plenty to sell.. PM me if you're looking for somone special and maybe I have that card.
  25. Not sure if this is the place to ask but.. Doe anyone have any clues to why noone seems to gett any replies from the Home and away office for about 1 1/2 years or so?? Is there a new address, or have I missed something? I haven't been on this page for a long time..
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