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  1. Sophie's acting continues to bug me. Meg is terrific. Simon needs to go, Hayden was 10x better.
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  4. They were both my favourite characters, Belle was a legend, and even when Aden was the bad boy I liked his character, and knew he'd eventually turn into a genuinely great person. Show hasn't been the same since Belle's death, and after Aden left it's just gone downhill.
  5. 1988, what a great year (in more ways that one...!). The last 2 weeks felt a little flat at times, and didn't have the same energy as the previous episodes, it really started to wind down and prepare for 1989.
  6. Haven't posted for a while. Had a major catch-up the other day, watched about 6 episodes over 2 days. Great episoes, I agree that it's not quite up to the standards set earlier, still some wonderful episodes though. EVERY scene with Lance and Martin has been brilliant, the 'Martin Dribble' comment was hilarious. Never a dull moment with those guys around. Loved the Alan winning most popular student, that was really a nice scene, as was Bobby recieving her award. So glad I got hooked on these eps.
  7. It is clearly obvious that the thing that Phillip Matheson was spinning round and round and threw off the cliff in the re-creation is a dummy (and a pretty lame one at that). REALLY???? Unbelievable! I'll have to watch the scene again!
  8. Agreed. Absolutely no doubt about it, he was an outstanding character, and there's no surprise that when he was on it the show was at its best.
  9. Terrific week!! Thoroughly enjoying the Gary storyline, really good stuff. Interesting turn of events in Friday's episode with Samules as well as Bobby. Man these episodes are good viewing, so glad I got into them.
  10. Good post, and I agree about the guest characters. I really like Stacey, Phillip has worn on me and Narelle was great, it’s a pity she left. Last week was probably the best week of TEY, but seems almost every week I'm saying that! I really enjoyed the Carly and Gary storyline, and it's been continuing this week but on a different trend. I'd have to disagree on Floss and Neville though, IMO they are the weakest part of the show. I don't mind Floss, but Neville seems totally useless and doesn't really have a purpose.
  11. Terrible actor, agree with some of the comments on the previous page. Every now and then he'll do something that makes you like him a bit, but then he'll be back to boring old Romeo the very next scene. Offers very little, the show wouldn't be any worse off without him.
  12. Narelle was so good. A very promising character who left too soon. Is she ever to be seen again? These episodes are sensational. I really like Stacey.
  13. 'Super Doctor' haha so it's not just me, Rachel does EVERYTHING, what an amazingly versatile doctor she is. Sid >>>>>>> Rachel.
  14. I watched all the eps via the 'H&A catch-up' and was pleasantly surprised, a very decent week, especially the first 2-3 nights. Liked Xavier's scene with Palmer about doing the opposite. I'd obviously like to discuss this in the H&A forum but for some reason it says 'Protected Forum'??
  15. That's what made me turn it off. What a joke that was. Haven't watch any of this weeks episodes, not worth it. The current writers have no idea.
  16. Yeah but I found Robbie instantly likeable, whereas I'm not even sure that the actor who plays Dexter can do anything else OTHER than act sarcastic. He's so forced in everything he does, not the least bit funny.
  17. I don't think I've EVER hated a character as much as the new Dexter. He's incredibly painful. I actually like sarcasm, but he takes it way, way too far. Everything he says is full of sarcasm, he's completely over the top. I think I've laughed at about 2 things he's said in a month. He better ease up on it because he's driving me insane, so much so that I had to turn off last nights episode because I couldn't take him any more. It's like they're trying to develop a new Robbie, problem is that Robbie was an exceptional character, lots of depth, and was legitimately funny whereas Dexter is
  18. Lance and Martin are absolutely hilarious.
  19. Haha Brett is a gun! How good was his attack on Roo at the end of today's episode?
  20. Phillip seems like a bit of a tool, he was a bit full on in trying to persue Stacey. It actually made Lance & Martin come out of it looking pretty well. I, at least initially, really like Stacey. And is it just me or has Brett grown on you, I don't mind him at all anymore. I actually think his acting has improved a LOT since we first saw him, but as a character he seems quite alright now.
  21. Oh silly me I just realised Roo's baby was Martha hahah! The same annoying Martha who has finally left our screens!!
  22. Tremendous week, absolutely brilliant stuff. I've never seen any of these episodes nor have I got a clue about future storylines. I first watched the show in about...2003 therefore virtually everything before that time I haven't got a clue about.
  23. TBH I've stopped watching the new episodes, over the past few months I've lost interest and haven't watched an episode for a week or two. I've tried, but just can't. Today's episodes are terrible. The loss of so many good characters in a short space of time, and having awful replaecments, has been the biggest reason. BTW, is there a reason why I can't post (or evcen access) the current H&A forum? Do you have to have been a member for so long or have x amount of posts??
  24. Argh! The power went out last night and so today's episode didn't record, sounded like a good one too.
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