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Revelations (by Zetti) - comments


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You have NO idea how much I squeeled when I saw this posted!!!


The first chapter and it's all gone wrong already!!! I've already got this face on: :(

What on earth has Angelo done?!

I adore that not only does Rob see Angelo as his father, but they have a daughter together! So sweet! (or, it would be, if they weren't apart :(). He hurt Nicole? Like, physically? Or just emotionally? Either way, bad Angelo!

EDIT: No, wait, it must be physcial, hence the restraining order. Do they use those for emotional abuse? The idea of Angelo hurting Nicole hurts my heart.

Also, just have to say, I *adore* these two lines:

She didn’t mind being the bad guy if it kept her children safe.

What a perfect line, and so true of a mother (not that I'd know that).

She wished that her daughter could stay at that age, where sadness meant nothing because a hug would make her feel better.

... Wow. That's very powerful. I like it.

Also, YEY! More Roman!!!

Fabulous start, Zetti. Even if it is all sad, confusing and angsty already. Something tells methis is going to be an emotional one.

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