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I've probably said this before in the thread, but I found that around the time Sophie and her dad entered it had become a bit long winded and slightly tedious. I still enjoyed watching it, but compared to 1988 and 1990, that period - which probably only lasted three or so months - was a bit dry. It picked up towards the end of the season though Imo such as when Pippa was on her mission to help Sophie out.

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LOL the Bunyip storyline was entertaining, but silly at the same time. While I love both Martin and Lance, I do feel like that their storylines kept going around in circles so I can see why they left in early 1990 to be honest.

I thought the ending of the Danny Price/Farnsworth storyline was strange, but I did enjoy it. My favourite storylines of 1989 was Bobby's discovery of her real parents, Dodge's reign in Summer Bay and the shark storyline involving Rory and I guess anything involving Morag.

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I think in some way you are right. I felt Lance became more intelligent later on in his first stint and Martin was more keen on making money through quick-rich schemes but it felt like we went around in circles a little too much.

However, during that time it was still entertaining to watch though.

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