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Behind Blue Eyes

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Before Belle confronted everyone, she decided to take a detour to the beach a little further from the bay. Amelia was happily making a sand castle when Belle’s mobile phone rang.

“Hello...?” Belle answered.

“Hello, oh hi” A man named Sean was on the other end. “Who’s that mummy?” Amelia asked as she watched her mother. “No one sweetheart” Belle replied smiling reassuring her it was an ordinary call. “Just no body?” Sean said angry. “Sean please” Belle said quietly so Amelia couldn’t hear. “How’s my girl’s doing” Sean asked a change in tone. “We’re fine...” Belle looked down at her side. “Better be fine!” Sean snapped on the phone. “Hey!” Belle hissed. “So you’re heading back to my home town are you? The bay, I wish I could meet you there but I’m busy babes” Sean mocked Belle. “Oh please, like I’d want you anywhere near me at the moment!” Belle raised her voice; Amelia looked at her feeling a bit scared. “Hey, if I didn’t jog your memory you wouldn’t be there in the first place. If I hadn’t said anything you would still be with me!!” Sean yelled on the other side of the phone. “Look I’m not having this conversation right now!” Belle ended the call. Amelia stared at her mother, “Mummy, who was that?”

“No one sweetheart” Belle lied. “But you seem upset...” Amelia looked as if she was going to burst into tears. “Hey...shhh..I’m sorry I yelled. It was just someone mummy worked with back in Mackay. They were upset because I didn’t tell them....just a work issue, don’t worry. Now would you like a strawberry milkshake?” Belle tempted her daughter. “A whole one?” Amelia asked sweetly. “Sure”

Amelia gave her mother a big smile. “Does Abigail get one too?” Amelia asked skipping to the car. Belle just laughed in response. “Mmmm...yummy! This is yummy” Amelia sipped her drink. “You’re welcome” Belle brushed her daughter hair behind her ear. “Amelia, darling I’m just going to order another drink for me. I’ll be right over there”

“Okay mum” Amelia smiled. Belle walked over to the counter. “This is really good, it’s too bad mummy didn’t buy you one. Strawberry milkshakes are the best ever Abigail!!” Amelia went silent, then spoke again “I wonder who mummy was talking to....do you think maybe it was my daddy, maybe daddy made mummy upset?”

Belle came back, “What were you saying?” Amelia stared at her drink as if she didn’t say a thing. “Nothing mum, I was just talking to myself”

“I see....you tend to do that a lot lately, just talking to yourself”

“Yep, I love telling my secret out loud...alone...by myself...you know” Belle wasn’t believing her story but went along with it. “You know Amelia; you can tell me anything...if you ever want to talk about something. I’m here; you don’t need to just talk to yourself. I’m here and I always will be”

“I know. If I need to talk to you I will” Amelia gave her mother a reassuring look. “You’ll make plenty of friends in Summer Bay I promise, and then you’ll have lots of little friends to tell your secrets too”

“I have friends!” Amelia crossed her arms. “Abigail?” Belle said carefully waiting for her daughter’s response. Amelia froze looking blankly at her mother. “It’s okay. It shouldn’t be a secret.” Belle smiled. Amelia looked embarrassed. “Well I think you can make some more room for a few more friends, I’m sure Abby wouldn’t mind”

“Really, are you sure?” Amelia asked. “Of course, she’s a very understanding girl. Just like you”

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hmm, this is a very interesting fic, Steph!

I was convinced at the start that Amelia was Aden's daughter but you unexpectedly revealed it was Sean's!

A very interesting dynamic!

Aden and Nicole wanting a baby at 24! Not so confident about that. Aden should have sat her down and discussed the complications of children and how they might not be ready! Should be interesting to see how they handle it though!

Really looking forward to reading more Steph! :D

Update soon! xx

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Just because he said 'How's my girl' he could have been talking about Belle and not Amelia. A lot of couples say that to each other and women sometimes say, how's my man, when they are talking to their other halves. I don't think Amelia is Sean's daughter, the blue eyes and blonde hair kind of give it away that she is Aden's.

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Hmm.I'm not sure about a lot of things, including Amelia's parentage, but I can't wait to find out.I'm assuming Abigail is Amelia's imaginary friend.Sean...am I reading too much into things by thinking that's Aden's brother?Really looking forward to finding out the answers!

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Thanks to Laura, Naomi, HeavenForbid, RR1, amz89 and gilly. I like reading your thoughts and theories.


Belle had asked about Sean’s family, Belle and Sean sat and watched a movie together.

“So I have two brothers Justin and Aden Jefferies, they jerks, I’m way more attractive than them. Aden has blonde hair and blue eyes like me, but Justin has brown-ish hair and green eyes”

Belle sat listening to Sean and then the unthinkable happened, hundreds of images and sounds flooded back to Belle. Belle froze as she processed the information. Sean laughed as he looked up at the TV screen. Belle and Sean were watching a romantic-comedy. Belle began shaking and tried to hold back the tears, her breathing increased, remaining calm and trying not to give away the terror in her voice, Belle said slowly, staring at the screen.“What did you say your brother’s name was?”

“Justin” Sean laughed again pointing to the screen. “No the other one..” Belle was frozen with shock. “Aden” Sean shrugged.

“I don’t believe you! You’re Aden Jefferies brother! Are you freaking kidding me??” Belle went berserk.

“Yes... why are you freaking out?” Sean remained calm, finding Belle’s behaviour usual. Belle stood up breaking away from Sean’s right arm. “I don’t believe this....this isn’t happening, yes your last name is Jefferies but that doesn’t mean you’re related to Aden Jefferies, right, and just because you look a little like Aden with your blue eyes and blonde hair, doesn’t mean that you two are related!” Belle walked back and forward hyperventilating. Sean finally stood up facing his girlfriend.

“Babe, what’s going on?” Sean asked suspiciously. “Aden was my husband...oh god; it’s all coming back to me!” Belle went extremely pale. “What’s coming back to you.....are you feeling alright?” Sean stared at her. “I married your brother....Aden....” Belle whispered still processing the memories.

“You married my brother. Are you sure we’re talking about the same guy here?” Sean asked looking stunned. “What?” Belle held her breath. “Like Aden would ever find someone as beautiful as you and actually get the chance to marry you” Sean laughed. “What’s that suppose to mean?” Belle said feeling offended. “Babe, I don’t mean any disrespect to you, but my brother...ha! I can’t believe he would be able to have someone as perfect as you. I think you’ve got your wires crossed”

Belle fell backwards on the couch, “God I hope so...Sean...I remember, everything. I remember what happened before”

Meanwhile Amelia was in her bedroom. “Abigail...do you think I’d suit brown hair?” Amelia looked in the mirror. There was no response from Abigail. “I knew you’d agree!” Amelia giggled. “I want to look just like mummy, but only for a little while, then I want to look like daddy again”

It was quiet in Amelia’s bedroom. “Oh well, I guess I’ll play with my toys. Oh but don’t worry you can play with your toys and I can play with my toys. I’ll go and get your toys there over in the corner” Amelia walked over to a basket full of toys. Amelia skipped towards her bed dumping the toys for Abigail on the bed. “My bed is comfy hey...I’m so glad mummy said you were allowed to share my bed. Okay these are your toys and these are my toys. But if you want you can play with my toys as well” Amelia played with her toys quietly.

“Amelia...” Belle opened the door; Belle wiped her tears away so her daughter couldn’t see that she had been crying. “Yes mummy” Amelia responded smiling. “Is everything alright?”

“Yep, Abigail and I are just playing with our toys. Abigail said she likes sleeping on my bed. She says she wishes she could sleep on my bed every night”

“Oh really...” Belle went along with Amelia’s story. “Yep, it’s a shame she can’t stay sleepover in my room.”

“That’s because your bed is only designed for one child, not two”

“But she could sleep on the floor...on a mattress”, Belle just rolled her eyes giggling along. “Just think about it okay”

“Okay!” Belle nodded.

Belle walked back out of Amelia’s bedroom. Belle needed some space, “Babe I’m going to go for a walk....can you look after...”

“Sure no worries. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to sound insensitive before, I should haven’t had said those things about Aden. Are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah....just a lot is coming back to me” Belle sighed. “I’ll take care of everything...I’ll even cook tonight” Sean winked. “Thanks” Sean kissed Belle’s cheek.

“So what’s Amelia up to?” Sean asked before Belle left the house. “Oh....umm...she’s just playing with her toys” Belle grabbed her keys and turned the doorhandle. “Abigail too?” Sean said quickly. “Yeah Abigail too” Belle smiled and then waved.

End of flashback

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Oh great chapter. So has Belle been dating Aden's brother?

Amelia better be Aden's daughter and not Sean's. So, if it was 7 years since Belle vanished and Amelia is 6 turning 7 very soon, she must be Aden's.

I guess Belle can't forget Aden that easily because as soon as Sean mentioned Aden's name, all Belle's memories came flooding back. :wub: I guess you can't forget a gorgeous face like Aden's that easily. :)

I'm glad that Aden and Nicole aren't married, I hope that as soon as Aden's sees Belle again, he dumps Nic and gets back together with Belle. Technically Adelle are still married, as they never divorced, with Belle just vanishing. We need some Adelle fluff in this fic.

Are you going to do a flashback on how Belle came to have amnesia in the first place? Did she have an accident?

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