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Behind Blue Eyes

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Just wanted to let everyone know that is fiction has been offically decidated to Red Ranger. Thank you for the comments for the last chapter, they are much appreciated.

“FASTER, FASTER, FASTER, FASTER!!” The children chanted together as they spun around in an anti-clock wise turn. “Amelia is that really necessary?” Belle said as she sat next to Amelia in the tea-cup ride. “Oh course it’s necessary, jez lousie” Amelia rolled her eyes and continued chanting. “FASTER. FASTER.FASTER!” All the children said together. “Maybe Abby doesn’t want to go as fast as you” Belle pointed out. “Maybe she wants to go fast like me, Abby do you want to go faster? See she nodded, she wants to go faster!”

“Well the ride isn’t going to go any faster because if it does mummy will be very sick”. Belle pulled a face as Amelia mocked her in laughter. “Sorry mummy” Amelia felt a little guilty for teasing. “Aww the ride’s all finished now” The ride stopped. Belle helped Amelia get off the ride. “Come on Abby! Mum don’t forget Abby” Amelia informed and skipped away. “I know, I know” Belle replied.

“Alright boys and girls today we have a very special little girl celebrating her birthday. Happy Birthday to......JESSICA! Jessica is turning four years old today! Wooohooo!! Alright Jessica please take all your friends and family to party room number two where we will celebrate your birthday with fun, food and festivities. From all us here at ABC play land at we hope you have a magnificent birthday, happy birthday to....JESSICA!!! The man on the microphone announced with enthusiasm.

“Boom clap, boom de clap de clap, boom clap, boom de clap de clap!” Amelia sung to the music as she danced in the room with the other little girls. “Pop it, rock it, polka dot it, countrify then, hip-hop it, put your hawk in the sky, move side to side, jump to the left, stick it, glide. Well done girls!” The party host clapped with joy as the girls danced to the music. “Alright....and freeze” The party host turned the music down. “Very good!” The music was turned back up and the girls danced again.

“Zig-zag cross the floor, shuffle in diagonal, when the drums hits, hands on your hips” The girls and the party host put their hands on their hips. Amelia knew every dance step although the other girls did not. “One foot in, 180 twist...and freeze!” Amelia froze; Belle caught Amelia’s eyes and began to make funny faces. Amelia tried her hardest not to laugh, “Ahh, I think Amelia moved” Belle smiled and pointed to her daughter. Amelia tried to remain still and hold a serious face but she couldn’t hold her laughter in. “Ha!” Belle said pointing at her. “That’s not fair, you made me move...!” Amelia pretended to be angry. “Alright, it’s my fault. You’re still in the game...” Belle laughed.

“Okay...ready to dance again!” The host raised her voice. “Yeah!” The girls said all together. “And then a, zigzag, step n’ slide, lean it left, clap three times” The girls clapped three times to the side. “Shake it out, head to toe, throw it all together, that’s how we roll”, Amelia sang with the party host. Amelia knew most of the lyrics to every Hannah Montana song.

Ten minutes later it was time for party food. Amelia sat down and Belle followed her. “Ooo...looks yummy!” Belle said as her eyes widen at the sight of the junk food. Amelia put a hand full of chips and nuggets on her plate followed by a few lollies. “Here Abby have a chip” Amelia held a chip to her side, “Ahh Amelia...you should eat it, but Abby is grateful for your generosity” Belle went a bit red in the face. “You don’t think Abby likes hot chips?” Amelia looked upset, she liked sharing. “I’m not too sure, but you know sweetie, you’re apart of the party and Abby isn’t”

“Why isn’t she?!” Amelia said in a high tone. “Because sweetheart she didn’t receive a invite, only you did”

“That’s not fair” Amelia crossed her arms. “Amelia....darling, please eat your food”

“I’m not really hungry” She sulked. “Fine...more for me” Belle reached out and took a chip. “Hey!! You didn’t get an invite” Amelia whined, but Belle just laughed at her and ate the chip. “Well then, if you don’t want me to eat your food then you eat it”

“But what about Abby...” Amelia pressed on. “I’ll make sure Abby has something to eat, just not here okay”

“Alright” Amelia turned around and resumed eating. “I’m going to go to the cafe, I’ll be back” Belle left. A few girls sitting across from Amelia began sniggering “Who’s Abby, your imaginary friend?”

“No....she’s real, Abby is over there. She’s with my mummy” Amelia responded. “Oh...yeah right....I don’t see anyone” A seven year old bullied Amelia. “She’s right over there!” Amelia pointed outside of the room; she could see her mum waiting in line. “Your mum is alone....I don’t see anyone”

“But....but she was right there” Amelia’s lip trembled. “Maybe you’re seeing things! Maybe “Abby” decided she didn’t like you and your mum anymore and left, or maybe she got angry with you because you didn’t share your food”

“No. I asked her; no I wanted to share my food with her. No Abby don’t leave, Abby! Abby I love you!” Amelia went berserk and began screaming. “Abby! Abby! Don’t leave me, I need you, Abby! Please don’t let him take you away.....” Amelia ran out of the room crying. “Amelia??” The party host watched in horror as Amelia ran out. “Amelia?’ Belle was stunned to see her daughter out of the room, “Come back!!!” Amelia wasn’t running towards her mother, but she was running towards the front door of the play land. “Amelia, come here, where are you going?” Belle ran after her. “Abby, I’m going to find Abby!” Amelia screamed out loud, she kept on running. “Please you have to let me out, I need to go out there, Abby has been taken by someone!” Amelia pleaded with the receptionist. “Sweetie, I can’t let you out without your parents”

“Amelia what has gotten into you, why did you run from me” Belle kneeled down breathless. “Mummy, Abby’s gone, Abby is missing. We have to find her!!” Amelia panicked. “Amelia, listen to me. Abby is fine, look she is over there. She’s playing just over there see” Belle pointed and squinted her eyes. “I don’t see her” Amelia’s breathing began faster and faster. “See, over there” Belle pointed. “No...No...I don’t see her!” Belle looked at the receptionist. The receptionist pulled a strange face, “Miss...is everything alright here?”

“Yeah, everything is fine. Just a misunderstanding”

“But mummy.....” Amelia fell to her knees and started to cry. Belle picked her up. “Shhhh.....”

“I can’t see her....I can’t see her...I don’t want her to leave, I don’t ever want her to leave me....” Amelia cried and cried. “I know....shhh....she won’t I promise. Abby will always be here for you” Belle kissed the top of her head.

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Woah.That was absolutely fantastically written.(I'm assuming that's still meant to be a flashback, before Belle and Amelia came back to Summer Bay?)It started off as just a bit of party fluff but that last bit with a child's irrational hysterics about her imaginary friend going missing actually made me catch my breath at how awful it would be for Belle to deal with her daughter acting like that and for Amelia to suddenly start thinking like that.It's left me a bit worried about her.

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Big thanks to RR1, El...and gillian. Sorry if it doesn't make sense...

“Well that couldn’t have been anymore embarrassing” Sean opened the front door of the house. “Sean!” Belle snapped at him. Amelia walked inside. “Honey, everyone was staring at her like she was some lunatic”

“I can’t believe you would say something like that. I love Amelia and she likes to make sure Abigail is safe” Belle informed as Sean just stared at her. “But what we really need to be asking ourselves is this healthy?” Sean said the obvious. “Is what healthy?” Amelia came back into the room. “Nothing sweetheart” Belle just smiled at her. There was no smile on Amelia’s face. Amelia just sighed, “Mum why do you pretend Abby isn’t there?”

“What...I don’t pretend she’s not there” Belle replied back feeling a little offended. “Yes you do...you ignore her. Abby says that you don’t love her like you love me” Amelia raised her voice. “Amelia, calm down” Belle hushed. “Well it’s true! Tell her; tell Abby you love her like you love me! Say it!!!”

Belle exchanged looks with Sean. “See what I mean, lunatic” Amelia was able to hear what he had said. Belle looked at him and swung her hand across his face, “Ow!!!!!!!” Sean fell backwards, “You.....you hit me, you can’t hit me in front of Amelia.....in front of....” Sean’s right hand covered his cheek. “Amelia, I’m very sorry you had to see that. Always know it’s never okay to hit anyone. Violence is unacceptable. Got that?”

Amelia just stared at her mother. “I’m sorry you had to see that” Amelia whispered for Abby.

“Darling why don’t you go and do some drawing in your room” Belle suggested, Sean’s cheek was beetroot red. “Okay....come on Abby....” Amelia skipped to her room. “I’ll be right back” Belle followed Amelia into her room. “Abby you can sit.......here.....” Amelia had a medium size mattress on the floor. “Mum, it’s bigger enough for the both of us” Amelia smiled then pulled a few sheets of A-4 white paper onto the mattress. “Here....crayons” Belle picked up a box of crayons and put it in front of Amelia. “Thanks mummy”

“You b&ch, you’ll pay for that you know.....far out woman” Sean said as he rubbed his cheek. “You’re making it worse”

“I’m so glad you feel remorseful, I can see the guilt all over your face”. Belle didn’t feel guilty for slapping Sean. It was a long time coming. “You know you don’t just hit the father of your child, you’re not setting a very good example as a mother”

“I said violence was unacceptable. I clearly stated afterward it was the wrong thing to do, but you earn it”. Belle quickly said defending her actions; Sean just rolled his eyes in response.

“Well as a result of you slapping me. I’ve decided that I’m going to take Amelia with me for a few days”

“What...?” Belle didn’t understand what he meant by this. “Don’t what me; you know what I mean Belle. I want to take Amelia away for a few days, not a lifetime”

“Where.....where will you go?” Belle was about to burst into tears, fearing the worst. That Sean wouldn’t return Amelia. “Just think of it as a little holiday, I just want to spend time with her, is that alright with you?” Sean’s voice got louder. “No...no it’s perfectly fine...”

“Oh....and by the way, Abigail is always welcome to come along, seeing as Amelia might need some company” As Sean chuckled, this worried Belle even more. “Sean....don’t....I’m sorry okay, I didn’t mean to slap you...”

“Babe...I’ll bring your precious child back....you can count on that” Sean just smirked. “Don’t you dare take her away Sean, she needs me. She needs a mother!! You can’t possibly look after by yourself”

“I love her more than you’ll ever love her, she’s mine. She looks like me, more than you. She’s a part of me. She doesn’t belong with you, she belongs with me – with her father!”

“No please, don’t take her away! I love her; I will always love her regardless of who her father is” Belle admitted truthfully. But Sean remained calm and said in a serious tone, “Belle, I’m doing you a favour. Let’s just make this quick and painless”

“No...I won’t let you take her away!!!” Belle began to hit Sean’s chest area, but Sean fought back pushing her away. “You don’t need her in your life anymore. You life doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t need to live with the guilt of knowing you had sex with your husband’s brother and fell pregnant with his child. This is something I want to do, I want to be a father and I know I’ll be a great one too”

“Without me?” Belle’s tears slid down her cheek. “It’s been ages since we last had sex Belle, I feel us drifting apart and face it you don’t love me do you.....”

“No....I think I did....but not anymore, but that doesn’t give you the right to take my daughter away from me” Belle shouted angrily.

Belle and Sean seem to be drifting further apart as time went on, they hit it off big time when they first got together, but the constant personality clash seem to get the better of them both. As they both were parents Sean and Belle had agreed to act like they were deep in love and were getting along, but that wasn’t always the case. Sean had a split personality sometimes he was kind other times he was aggressive and couldn’t control his anger. Sean would say things he didn’t mean, but they would often be hurtful

“Oh no, I think they’re fighting again. Oh don’t cry.....grrrrr......I hate it when they make you cry. I’ll be back” Amelia left the room quickly and ran towards Belle and Sean. “STOP IT!” Amelia screamed this caught their attention. “You’re acting like babies and you’re making Abby sad, we were having lots of fun drawing and you yelling ruined it. I hate when you guys yell”

“Sweetie...” Sean leaned down, “You know you never have to feel like you have to communicate through Abby. You can tell us how you’re feeling too”

Amelia didn’t understand, “Baby, what I’m trying to say is....you’re always telling us how she feels about a situation not you. We want to know how you’re feeling”

“You want to know how I’m feeling...” Amelia said feeling confused. “Yes...we both want to know, you never seem to talk about your feelings. I want to know how my little angels’ doing. My miracle child”

Amelia thought for a moment and smiled, “I’m okay” Then her smile went away, “But I don’t like it when you fight. That makes me angry.....because Abby suffers too”

“Okay, well we would both like to say we’re sorry for fighting so much....but there is somewhere I’d like to take you to apologise for my behaviour”

Belle looked at Sean straight away, they hadn’t finished discussing it and she had never agreed on Sean taking away her daughter. “Where are we going?”

“On a little holiday, it’s a bit further up north, but I know you’ll love it” Sean winked at her. “Mummy that sounds great, are you coming too”

“Ahhh.....mummy won’t be coming....” Sean cut in before Belle could say a word. “What about Abigail”

“She’ll be coming of course, we can’t forget her....right Belle” Belle didn’t know what to say, was she going to let Sean take Amelia away for a holiday, would he return with their daughter.

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Was Belle pregnant before she met Sean? Is Amelia really Sean's duaghter? Will Belle confess and tell Sean that Amelia isn't his, will Sean believe her, if he doesn't maybe he should take a DNA test to prove he isn't Amelia dad.

I'd like to see a flashback to see how Belle and Sean first met and how she got amnesia.

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Hmm...Okay, definitely sounds like Amelia is Sean's daughter, unless you're going to pull an almighty twist on us.I can't help feeling Sean has a point about Amelia's behaviour not being entirely healthy, even if he did go about it in completely the wrong way and might be about to do something even worse. Either way, he and Belle are obviously on the point of desintegration.Is this just a couple of days after Belle remembered about Aden?Not sure how much time's meant to be passing. I'm really liking all the twists and turns in this story, looking forward to more.

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