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Behind Blue Eyes

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So...was that scene between Belle and Amelia meant to be before the conversation with Irene in the previous chapter?And are Belle and Amelia still staying at the hotel or are they at Irene's house?It was nice to get a few things cleared up anyway as to who Amelia and Abby's parents are.Nicole's reaction...I'm kind of in two minds about it.On the one hand, it was unfair for Aden to spring it on her like that and his reasons seemed a bit unconvincing, on the other hand, she didn't really seem to give much thought to Riley and how he'd be affected if they just sent him back.Guess I'll wait to see how she acts when she calms down.Assuming she does.

Nice update, looking forward to more of this.

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Thanks for the previous comments, sorry it's been a while since the last update. I'm been really busy with work. Sorry if this doesn't make sense.

{Belle is now living in her own house}

“Sing and I will hear you - No matter where you are - A song to light the darkest night - And guide me from afar - And I will never be alone. Now I know you’re somewhere - You’re everywhere to me- You’re the colour in the sky- A reason to believe- And when the rain falls down- You tell a story- And I will hear you- Always near you- By the boab tree” Belle sung to Abby as she slept on her cot. “Is she asleep yet?” Amelia yawned sitting beside Belle. “Yes, I think she’s finally fallen asleep” Belle yawned herself. “Finally, I love when you sing to us mummy. You have a beautiful voice” Amelia said quietly, trying not to wake her baby sister up. “Thank you Amelia” Belle smiled at her daughter brushing the hair out of her eyes. “Did you ever sing to daddy?” Amelia yawned again, almost falling asleep. “No, I never did” Belle chuckled to herself. “Will you sing to me?” Amelia asked looking drowsy. “Sweetheart, I think you’ve heard plenty of singing for the night. You’re half asleep already”

“No I’m not” Amelia closed her eyes then rubbed them in attempt to stay awake. “Come on missy” Belle lifted Amelia up and carried her to Amelia’s bedroom. Amelia’s arms held onto Belle’s neck.

Belle gently put Amelia down against her bed, “Mummy....” Amelia whispered under her breath. “Yes?” Belle smiled stroking her face with her right thumb.

But Amelia had entered the land of dreaming. “Amelia” Belle asked to determine whether she had fallen asleep. Amelia’s chest rose up and down rhythmically. Belle sighed; not knowing what she would have said next would always remain a mystery. “Good night, love you” Belle leant down and kiss her. Belle looked to Amelia’s bedroom window, a light wind blew through it gracefully, “Love you Aden” Belle whispered.

Belle was the last to enter the land of the dreaming. The bed seemed bare without the warmth of her daughter sleeping next to her. Before her eyes closed, Belle sobbed as she looked to her side, feeling lonely. Life seemed to be travelling down a street that would eventually hit a dead end. What would life bring her now, what path would she take now she was back living in her homeland, Summer Bay.

She had been gone for nearly seven years, despite the friendly welcome from familiar faces Belle had never felt more alone. How would she cope seeing the man she loved, the father of her first daughter, with his arms around another woman? Belle squeezed her eyes as hard as she could, desperately trying her hardest to block everything out and stop the tears from escaping. Her only motivation was her daughters, they meant everything to her.

It was a new beginning, a chance to start again. The Belle Summer Bay once knew no longer was existence, Belle was a mother, time had changed her. She felt as if she were a different person to the people who once knew her. But to them, Belle hadn’t changed at all. The people closest to Belle were just grateful to have her back where she belongs.

Aden had survived a night of Riley. Riley slept peacefully in the guest room. Aden would sleep alone that night. Nicole had gone away for the night, frustrated by Aden’s actions. The sun shone down on the sand, the sand sparkled as it absorbed the warmth of one of nature’s gifts. Aden opened his eyes, looking up at the ceiling. Ten long minutes passed as Aden continued to stare at the ceiling his head filled with unanswered questions. Aden was puzzled; his life was taking a new direction. Was this what he wanted, was this his destiny, or maybe making a child with his partner was the right thing to do.

“Did you mean what you said before, do you love me? Yes. I love you Belle, I love you. You said that you loved me, I do love you. I can’t live without her Nic, I can’t live without her. I want to marry this girl why wait? Maybe we’ll have mini Aden’s running around” Voices and memories flooded back, Aden stared upwards tilting his chin up higher in attempt to keep the flood of tears from streaming down his cheeks.

“So I’m not just a flat mate, of course not. You’re my whole life Belle. I love you” Aden’s voice echoed in his ears, “Shut up, shut up, just shut up!” Aden jumped out of bed with force, picking up his pillow and throwing it across the room. Fury filled his body, Aden kicked the end of his bed. “Get out of my head! Just please, get out of my head. I can’t take it anymore” Aden collapsed to his knees. “No more meaningless thoughts, no more bringing up past memories, please, I don’t want to feel this anymore. Why can’t life be simple” Aden’s face pushed into the blanket covering his bed.

“Mr. Aden, why are you crying” A little voice spoke out loud, Aden thought maybe his mind was playing tricks on him. “Riley” Aden breathed out. “I’m sorry for last night, do you think we can be friends? Or are you going to send me back to that horrible place”

Aden’s face was blank, deep in thought the room was silent. Riley grew anxious waiting for Aden, “No” Aden finally said. “I won’t let you go back there, you’re here to stay. I want you to stay” Aden let out a deep sigh, “I won’t take you back there. You’re a special boy”

Riley didn’t know what to say, but Aden seemed for some reason know what to say. “Th-Thank you, you’re very kind”

“You’re welcome, I’ll get you enrolled in school and you will make lots of friends” Aden’s mood changed, he was suddenly excited about the thought of making a difference in someone else’s life.

“What if I don’t make friends?” Riley asked still standing still in the same spot. “I’m sure you will, even girlfriends perhaps....” Riley looked uneasy. “Oh, I mean like girls who are friends, just friends who are girls...” Aden had messed that up. “No girls would want to be my friend”

“I think they would, you’re a pretty cool little fella. I know someone who has a little girl, maybe you could play with her....play games....ahh...like skipping....and playing with dolls and stuff”

“Ewww, dolls are for girls. I like trucks, big mighty tough trucks and lego!” Riley suddenly got excited too. “I see, well I tell you what why don’t we get dressed and I’ll buy you some lego to play with”

Riley’s eyes lit up with joy, “my shoes are downstairs” Riley ran straight down the stairs quickly. Aden laughed, “Cute kid”

“Now what the hell am I suppose to do with my female problems....” Aden scratched the back of his head. “Oh well, okay brain here’s the deal no thoughts of Nicole or Belle are to be on the agenda for at least two hours, yep that should do it” Aden lifted himself off the floor.

“I’m ready!!!” Riley screamed from downstairs, Aden could hear the excitement in his voice. “I’m on my way mate!” Aden called back.

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