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Behind Blue Eyes

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Story Title: - Behind Blue Eyes

Type of story: Short

Main Characters: Aden, Nicole, Belle, Amelia

BTTB rating: G/T

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Family

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Not required

Summary: Vanished seven years ago, Belle Taylor is assumed dead. It is only when Belle fully recovers from a spell of amnesia; she decides to return back to the bay. Shock waves are sent throughout the bay. Belle has a seven year old daughter named Amelia. Aden and Nicole have been in a long term relationship, they are not married.

I just wanted to thank you Bec for making my banner.



“You’re unbelievable” Nicole moaned at Aden. “What you said you didn’t want to do anything for Valentine’s Day!” Aden pleaded, sitting on the coach holding a beer. “I said I didn’t want to ‘do’ anything, that doesn’t mean I didn’t want you to buy me anything and besides men should know that you’re supposed to do the opposite girls say!”

“Huh?” Aden raised an eye brow. Nicole moaned out loud, “I wanted to be surprised Aden, you know a surprise!!”

“But you said that you didn’t want me to do anything special on Valentine’s Day for you!!”

“But secretly I wanted you to!! I wanted to be surprised Aden!!” Nicole shouted at Aden, Aden sipped his beer. “Well I wanted to do something for you, but seeing as I don’t speak your language obviously I didn’t get the translation properly. You can’t blame me for that”

“What language!!!??” Aden shirked. “Girl language!!” Nicole sighed loudly, “All I wanted was a single rose, or maybe a single bar of chocolate” Nicole sniffed and then broke into tears. “Nic...” Aden sighed at her; Nicole wiped away her eyes unsuccessfully trying to hide her tears from Aden. “Just forget it Aden, Valentine’s Day is over!” Nicole walked to the staircase. “Nic...Valentine’s Day is still in the cinema, it’s not over yet!” Aden risked the joke and as expected it made Nicole even angrier.

The sea breeze was beginning to seep through the window of the car. “Mummy, the air it’s so cool now” Amelia took a deep breath in, inhaling the salty air. “I know baby, pretty great isn’t it?” Belle looked in the mirror at her daughter. Amelia stared out the window, memorized by the breath taking scenery. The ocean seemed to go on forever, beautiful, sparkling sand tinkled at her. “Woooow” Amelia whispered, her hand touching the glass window. “Mummy” Belle’s daughter spoke, “Yes Sweetheart” Belle stopped at a red light. “What’s Summer Bay like” She asked innocently. “Amelia, I’ve told you before, remember?” Belle smiled and giggled a little. “I know, but I want you to tell me again. It sounds so amazing!” Belle sighed, shaking her head with a smile on her face. “Amelia...” Belle whined. “AGAIN!” Amelia grinned, clapping her hands.

Belle described the bay to Amelia once more; Belle had told her daughter plenty of stories of the bay and of her father. It was only a few months ago Belle herself had remember the beauty of the bay and the man she once called her husband. It had been seven years since the bay had last seen or heard from Belle Taylor – Jefferies.

For almost seven years Belle had suffered from amnesia. Now she was beginning to reclaim her life, almost.

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Amelia - (Belle's daughter, six years old)

I love the smell of the beach, it mostly smells of salt. The smell of sunscreen is another reminder of the beach. I look out the car window taking in the beautiful view of the beach. Mum says it’s called Palm Beach. There was already beach before that was called Dee Why. The beaches here are so different to where we lived before, but that’s alright by me. I really like the look of these beaches. I can’t wait to go swimming, but mummy says we can’t go to the beach until we get settled into our new home.

We’re going to a place called “Summer Bay”. Mummy told me that Summer Bay is where my daddy was born. Mummy said if we’re lucky, I might actually get to meet my daddy. I’ve never seen a picture of him. But mummy had told me that daddy looks just like me! She said that we both have blonde hair and baby blue eyes. I’m very excited about going to Summer Bay; I really want to meet my father. Before I go to bed each night, I will ask mummy to tell me another story of him. My father sounds almost as if he was superman. Mummy said that he had gone through a lot of horrible experiences as a child and wasn’t as lucky as me. But in the end he had pulled through and became a better person. I mostly think that’s because mummy helped him.

“Amelia....darling, we’re nearly there” Mummy tells me as she drives the car. She looks very tired; we have been driving for ages now. Mummy yawns and smiles at me. “Okay mum” I say back to her and yawn as well, we laugh together. “I think someone else is tired too” I nodded three times. I look back out the window and before I know it, I fall asleep.

Aden (25 years old, is dating Nicole).

Having a child is a full time occupation. Never had I fully understood that concept. But I wasn’t the only one. Nicole hadn’t fully understood this herself, yet she chooses to believe she did. I’m sitting on the beach inhaling the salty air. A group of girls wearing stringy bikinis’ stroll pass. I’m shirtless; one of the girls looks at me and giggles, then informs her friends to look over to me. Now the entire group of girls giggle at me. “What a stud” I hear one of them say out loud. I avoid their eye contact. As the girls move further and further away, I think back to my original thoughts.


“Nicole wants to what?” Liam responds in a shocked voice to the news I’ve just told him. “And this happened when?” Just like me Liam can’t believe the news I’ve delivered to him, but Liam being Liam mocks me by laughing. “Last night, she told me last night” I tell him in a very serious manner, in attempt to convey the seriousness of the situation. It doesn’t work. “Are you kidding me? Nicole wants to have a baby......a baby with you” Liam coughs flashing a smile, his face bright red. “A baby with me, what’s wrong with that?”

“You’re missing the point here Aden” Liam touches his eye brow, and then rubs the side of his temple. “Yes she wants to have a baby with me and no there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s just so unexpected”

“Mate, I wasn’t saying that you reproducing was the issue here. Just Nic wants a baby..”

“Well mate, it sure sounded like me reproducing was the issue here”. I think I’d make a good father; I’d be a better father than Liam.

“I know what you’re thinking, you would make a better dad than me, and well Aden you’re wrong. I’m a better dad than you’ll ever be” Liam teases; I know not to take him seriously. “Whatever” I shrug.

“It’s a pretty big deal though” Liam finally says taking it seriously. “Yeah...I’m not sure if I’m ready to be honest. I mean yeah we’ve been together for a while and yes I want to have kids someday, but...”

“Fear is holding you back mate, you’ve just got to let go!” Liam says sarcastically trying to sound like some inspiration alpha male. “Liam, two words – shut up. I mean having a baby is a big responsibility I’m not entirely sure Nicole knows what she’s getting into. I’m just confused, I want to be a father one day and I care about Nicole and want to be with her....I just don’t know....” Liam is silent, I blurt out more of my uncertainties. “I can’t believe this is something Nic wants....she wants to be a mother, she’s only 24”

(Flashback ends)


We’re here finally, it’s getting dark. I ask mummy the time, she says it’s five thirty. We arrived at a strange looking house; mummy says it’s called a ‘hotel’, as I walk up the stairs I can see a swimming pool down below.

“Amelia did you know, there are a couple children a few doors down. Should we go and introduce ourselves?” I smile. So mummy and I introduce ourselves and before I know it I have two new friends. Their names are Taylor and Jasmine. “Let’s play a game” We are sitting on the carpet.

“I know we’ll play happy families” Taylor the oldest says loudly. She’s seven. Jasmine is four years old. “What’s happy families, I’ve never heard of that game” I tell Taylor. “Well someone is the mummy, then another person is the daddy and because there is only three of us, we can only have one baby”

“I want to be the mummy!” Jasmine whinges to her sister. “No you’ll be the baby, because you’re the youngest!” Taylor said in a bossy way. This upsets Jasmine, “Nooo...I’m always the baby. I want to be the mummy!” Jasmine stomps her feet. “What do you want to be the mummy or daddy?” Taylor asks me.


“Nic....come here” I pull Nicole aside she’s sitting closely to the cash register in the diner. “What..”

We’re near the wall as far away from the nearest customer. “I just wanted to tell you, I’ve decided. I’ve had a lot of time to think and I’ve made up my mind”

“About what?” Nicole says dumbly. “What you said last night” I begin.

“Oh” Nicole says awaiting my answer. “I want to be a daddy” I smile, Nicole bursts into a fit of laughter and tears, we embrace each other.


“Um, Taylor can’t I just be the baby. I don’t want to be a grown up. Jasmine can be the mummy”

“YAY!” Jasmine cheers. “Alright....fine then” Taylor rolls her eyes. We begin to play happy families.

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