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Georgina Watson - Jaclyn Albergoni


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Didn't Charlie tell Watson to investigate Brax??

Haven't seen any new investigation about him yet..

Since Charlie said that the next step was Darryl Braxton, we've only had Charlie question Heath over the bashing of a River Boy and acting like Brax is all innocent when she's spoken to Angelo; we've also only seen Watson the once, at Charlie's birthday. In the past couple of weeks, there seems to be a distinct lack of any follow up with this investigation as they seem to be focusing on Charlie making a fool of herself with Brax.

I hope Watson is still investigating him though and we're just not seeing it, because it's looking doubtful that Charlie is capable of doing her job.

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Yeah, Watson out of uniform and mingling with the people. :lol:

Well that would be interesting since you only see Watson in uniform and when something has happened. But can I ask something though. Has Watson ever smiled? I love the character and everything but I've only seen her serious.

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I wonder what her reaction would be when she finds out about Charlie and Brax..

She works with Charlie , and Charlie hasn't said a word about it.

Watson would not be very pleased. I reckon she might have a few words with Charlie because Watson doesn't trust Brax at all. I don't think she does anyways.

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