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  2. I just find the whole thing quite strange. VJ and Jett now LOOK like they're not even close to the same age and I find it hard to believe. It's really made me hate the character purely based on how Matt Little looks as VJ compared to when Felix Dean played him. It just doesn't look like they should even be in the same classroom. It's jarring, and it hurts VJ's character.
  3. I love Denny with Casey and am looking forward to seeing how she copes with things down the track... I just don't like how she's meant to be part of the MacGuire family and yet they never spend any time together. I have a strange family, but we still spend time together. It just seems strange that they really don't have any scenes together at all. And when exactly are we going to get a bit of a backstory with her? I'm still waiting to hear about her life before Summer Bay...surely there was something in her past she can share with everyone/someone.
  4. Maddy needs to grow up and get over herself. What a brat.
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