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Georgina Watson - Jaclyn Albergoni


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I think it would be nice if she was seen in the bay once in a while like at the diner buying a coffee from Irene or Leah.

I also thought it was really nice that the actress Jaclyn is still happy for the experience because even though she isnt on all the time she still is a good part of the show and a acting experience for the actress :cool: Good Work

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She needs to be in more of the police scenes, especially at the station as she's a good foil for Charlie's seriousness. :D

Watson has that whole, casual, hands-in-pocket, unconcerned look going that usually contrasts against Charlie's more serious demeanour when they're out and about. She's also more likely to do the right thing and do it the right way than the regular cops ever have.

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Loved her responses to Brax this week. Filing his statement in the fiction section and sarcastically saying they'll let Heath go just because Brax told them he didn't do it.

Great last week when Charlie got whacked over the head, especially the way she stood up to Charlie and went over her head - she was doing what Charlie has been failing to do; act like a cop.

I hope she is in it more over the next couple of weeks to make sure that Charlie doesn't blow the whole investigation because of her infatuation with Brax - at least Watson knows what sort of man he is and doesn't buy his bull.

The way Watson acts, you'd think she was the more experienced and senior officer than Charlie is.

About time we learnt more than just her name.

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Watson is amazing!

Totally backed her all 'i hate you' attitude when Angelo returned to the bay!

She's really great because she always seems to have Charlie's back that good for Charlie too because then she can't make any rash decisions!

I really loved how lately she was not afraid to go above Charlie's head and report the fact that a police officer had been publicly assaulted! Charlie was about to brush it all away and it's good that Watson pursued the case!

Hope that she stays around!

She's such a great asset to the show! :D

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