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  1. You'll be in my heart- Phil Collins
  2. Rain, rain and more rain. Weather has been horrendous today and I got caught up in it. At least it was only rain and not thunder or lightning.
  3. Final Fantasy 7 t-shirt, black trousers and some black Lee Coopers shoes and also a denim jacket.
  4. Some old 1976 film on TV called "Carrie". Its an horror film and seriously creepy.
  5. If you're not the one- Daniel Bedingfield
  6. A Cyberman voice changing helmet A cheap preowned PS2 A new powerpack for computer
  7. Actually I meant orange and peach flavoured water.
  8. Livin thing- Electric Light Orchestra
  9. My Chemical Romance- Welcome to the black parade
  10. Watson would not be very pleased. I reckon she might have a few words with Charlie because Watson doesn't trust Brax at all. I don't think she does anyways.
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