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If You Don't Wanna Love Me (by charmed60) - comments


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Oh my God :o You brought Kate back!! I so did not see that one coming!! At first i assumed Bridget would come back with a child or something but obviously Rachel didn't recognise her so - but i'm really looking forward to seeing how Kate explains herself!

I loved the Tony and Rachel stuff at the beginning. It was really sweet and you painted a lovely picture of a happy family. Although that concerns me slightly as that usually means they're in for some bad times and by the sounds of you're snyoposis it's not going to be good :(

I already don't like Kate. I have a bad feeling about her and want to know why she'd show up after all these years.

I liked how you had things from Rachel's perspective. People often forget how awful it is to watch someone you love in so much pain and although Tony was obviously heartbroken at losing his son, it would have been pretty horrendous for Rachel to watch him deal with that.

And little Harry, aww :wub:

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Meh Kate. How can she just turn up in his life like that and expect everything to be like it was. :unsure:

Intrigued as to why Kate had to pretend to die. :unsure:

Liked the Tachel chat at the end. Tony showing him off and getting all excited about how much Harry weighed. aww. :wub:

Looking forward to more! :)

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Yup i'm on the hating Kate bandwagon. :P I don't understand how she can just waltz into his life and expect everything to fall into place. :unsure: I don't have a good feeling about her and she seems a little unstable. I'm worried about what she might do.

The Tachel stuff with Harry was very cute but again you had something really serious running alongside it which i really enjoy. I like how you managed to intertwine them so that it works and is believeable. I don't blame Tony for being confused, he must feel like his whole world has just come crashing down on him. At this stage i feel sorry for him but going by your original synopsis i don't think that will last too long :(

Rachel is being so supportive and understanding even though she must be completely thrown by Kate appearing like that.

There's so many questions that need to be answers and i'm waiting....impatiently. :P

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Aww, bless Rachel for being so understanding. She's been so amazingly supportive and i love how you've written her. I think she's always been extremely caring, sometimes overly so and it takes a strong person to cope with what she'd been dealt with so far in this fic. I certainly wouldn't be as calm as she has been!!

Kate is getting stranger and stranger sounding and i dread to see how far she is going to go to get what she wants. She seems mentally unstable. :o I get she would have been devastated to hear her son was dead, but she pretty much cut him out of her life and i hate that she thinks she can just waltz back and not take any blame. But i love you have her as this crazy person. :D It adds another dimension and i think it's realsitic, considering she's lived in fear for so long.

It's really sad that Tony still blames himself for what happened to Jack :(

Im interested to see how Lucas reacts. He is going to get such a shock. I think it's good that Tony is going without Rachel and Harry this first time. I guess it's such a massive thing that having them there would just make it all too complicated.

“Now make sure you don’t do anything special until I get home alright buddy? I don’t want to miss your first word, especially seeing as I know it’s going to be Daddy” Tony cooed to Harry, whispering the last part loudly so as to get a reaction from Rachel.

Awww :wub: That was so cute, hehe. I love Tony like that and i think the cute, family bits you add really make it flow nicely.

Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Oh, it's so good :) I just started to read it and the first chapters are great! It's so real and I can really imagine the characters say things like these. :) I can't believe Kate's back! I just hope Tony and Rachel stay together and Tony and Kate don't get back together. Anyway, waiting for nezt update. You're doing really good job :wub:

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