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Opening Credits / Opening Theme Discussion


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The opening titles should be produced in-house. Whenever they get these external companies to do them they never seem to understand the show, it's characters or it's themes and just use the default opening stlye seen on so many shows, the dreaded photo theme :ph34r: However, the designer Erin Johnson, who created the current Neighbours titles and that castless pitch floating about on here, seems to understand that the photoframe theme is beyond old (she told me via e-mail) so if she was to design them, we might get something original for a change....

The location shots in the current (previous now..) H&A titles are quite nice and artsy and if they were given the full frame instead of being cropped into a box I bet they'll look great. I assume the H&A crew filmed those and sent them off, so there is hope in me that if seven produce them, we will get cool shots like the running feet and the hand pouring sand without the frames. Worst case scenario is that they use the style that the official site uses for their intro's to each video (photo's of locations swirling around) that would be so bland.

The theme needs to move as far away from the terrible 2007/8 style as possible because it is completely boring. Both the singer and the backing music (especially the backing music <_< ) sound diluted and shallow, theres no power in it at all and its probably my least favourite arrangement of all the versions. Hopefully the only reason it wound up like that is because seven rushed the music team into making a new one after the Israel Cannan disaster (which I actually prefer over the re-vamped version). Now that they've had a lot of time to do it I excpect it'll be alot better.

A female vocalist needs to accompany the male, if the song is to have any meaning then it needs to be a couple singing it to one another and not some guy talking to himself in boyband style. Which brings me to another change that needs to be made. Drop the pop-idol crap and re-introduce some emotional strings into the theme, Luke Dolahenty's vocals were accompanied by nothing but drums and guitar and that's why it failed so miserably,some piano or violin would be nice, a saxophone would be awesome, but I think that instrument died in the nineties, shame. I'd also like some of the subtle notes to be dropped so it doesn't sound all meshed together, just the original and distinct notes with a little more......what's the word?........ambience, amplitude, something like that, so we can actually HEAR the notes!

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Does anyone know if there is a leaked copy of the new titles out there somewhere? I'm dying to see them more than the show itself.

Me too. :lol: I'm so excited to see them! I've missed not having opening credits (eventhough they kind of sucked) because we haven't had any since half way through last year. I also hope it's not all cropped into boxes, I wanna see the locations. I also want the name of the characters and actors/actresses.

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If some reports are to be believed, then the new opening titles are only 15 seconds long and feature no cast members. The only way to find out for certain though it to wait and see.

There was a design company that pitched this castless version for the 2007 opening, but it obviously wasn't picked - for all we know they may decide to use them now 2 years on.....?


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No cast members? Thats a shame cause I was really looking forward to seeing the new credits with the cast members. Although the credits you posted Dan do look good, I just wish the cast members were there.

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