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  1. I wouldn't be opposed to this pairing, but there was a moment there when I thought they might have been going for a Casey/Romeo pairing, but as of late (since the Ruby thing) they seem not to have had many scenes together. I'm holding out for a Casey and any other guy pairing- I just get the feeling they might lead to a gay/ coming out storyline at some point. But saying that, home and away really doesn't seem all that gay friendly. When they attempted it with Charlie I remember there being a bit of an out cry at the storyline, and complaints that it was a family show (or something like that). I also couldn't help but feel they were trying to tick the box of a 'gay relationship' by using two attractive females, which would of course be popular with the male audience, but wouldn't attempt a male one because of possible backlash they might receive. I do hold some hope for a male gay relationship at some point, but can't help for now just sticking to fanfics... talking of which, this thread reminded me of Kim and Robbie (and of course Geoff and Aden, altho to a lesser extent)... good times
  2. I have warmed to him more but can't say I care for his monologues much; I think he has definite room for character development though.
  3. ^ I felt the same way as you when I found out Aden and Nicole were getting together. I'll always think Belle and Aden made the better couple, so when he got together with Nicole I kind of just stopped caring about Aden's character automatically. I don't really pay much attention to their storyline now tbh, it's just so *blah* to me.
  4. Yeah I really hope not too. I'd quite like her to be friends with a boy, she had that with Aden until they got together.
  5. ^ I agree with what you're saying, but what do you mean by a farce? Like the writers are copping out of the storyline, do you mean?
  6. Does anyone know when he'll be making his first appearance on UK screens? I forget how behind we are at the moment.
  7. Like someone above said, there seemed little drama to their brief relationship (with the exception of the VJ thing, which probably would have passed anyway). Alas, scrapheap. It's unfortunate, they could have made a solid couple (for a change).
  8. The castless ones above do look good, but would be even better if they had the actual cast dotted between them at various points. Do prefer that than the current ones though.
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