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Opening Credits / Opening Theme Discussion


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I'd assume seven sent them to build on anticipation....

Hmm, little 1 second flit eh....I'm imagining that is similair to the way the Neighbours theme opens with those quick little notes.

Turns out I missed half the article out when reading it because there was so much to take in. Love the sound of 'lighter' music, I hope that means the notes are a little more distinct this time and not jumbled amongst those crappy little filler notes and unfittingly loud drum beats. I get very wound up by bad backing music and I found Luke Dolahenty's version the worst offender out of all the themes, the Robertson brothers second version comes close though, very close :ph34r:

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She seems a pretty good singer, its hard to tell as Luke's voice somewhat dominates hers a bit, maybe they could have turned her up a little bit more.... :P

You hear her a bit better in the closing theme when she sings the second 'I will always' - you'll likely not hear the end theme in Australia, but I hope to upload it to the site early next week.

What is nice though is that they've not only brought a female in, but they've given her the original female harmony which makes 'Closer each day' sound much more like it used to be in the 88/95 versions.

Andrew, given what you've said it might be touch and go if you like it or not - the notes are still there but when I say lighter I mean it makes the last one sound a little bit.....dreary might not be the right word....but not quite as uplifting as this one - then again people will most likely have a completely different view :P

I think I've given enough away for now - 5 days to go!

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I think that the opening theme song will go straight into:

"Hold me in your arms, don't let me go

I want to stay forever

Closer each day, Home And Away"

I don't even know if those are the right words :lol:

You know what I mean..

The closing credits will probably have a longer version, but the Aussies won't even get to hear that.

I'm officially psychic.

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