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Opening Credits / Opening Theme Discussion


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If they were going to put the cast in but had them smiling at the camera looking fake again, I'd rather have castless. I'll be really happy if they are like the shots in that board Dan posted, they're really classy and moody. Cameron Welsh did say in that interview that the new titles are contemporary and set the tone for the new season. That sounds promising because the new season seems very dark to me so hopefully the titles will reflect that....

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I really hope the ones Dan showed us are the 2009 Titles. I love them! :)

Something similar to them would be great too.

Just a thought - without the cast (apparently) in them does that mean they will not have different versions a few times a year like when a character leaves or comes? Or do you guys think that they might just update the shots every few months or so?

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I don't know, but the castless style needs to be updated regularly because it has a high risk of being incredibly boring.... They should make a schedule whereby every month during one of the palm beach shoots they film five or so new shots for the titles just to keep them alive.

I hope the titles/ theme are either brilliant of terrible. If it's brilliant, it happily stays, if it's terrible, it's complained about and goes away, if it's average, it stays but it's still as bland as hell and we have to put up with it for three years.

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