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KK are Summer Bay's equivalent to Romeo and Juliet. At least I thought so, until they brought back this couple and ruined what they had. At least, that's my opinion. What do you think?

I'm totally against Miles/Kirsty and was so stoked when Kane showed up again. "Hey babe" will forever be his line. I honestly don't think Kirsty could ever really forget or deny what she had with Kane, no matter how much she thinks she has moved on with Miles, I think deep down it will always be Kane.

I was so excited at the prospect of KK returning this year, but if they don't end up leaving as a happy, free couple, then it would all be totally pointless.

Share your thoughts :).

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Couldn't agree more.

KK are a couple I've always been very attached to... remember watching them first getting together when I was doing my GCSEs... and look at me now... a postgrad. Now that's scary. But I feel I've grown up with the couple - they're very much a classic H&A couple. So much chemistry and so many obstacles they overcame together.

I heard they were returning, and was stoked and so pleased that they may finally get their 'happy ending' - don't get me wrong, I thought going on the run was very 'them' and was a fitting ending, but it was bittersweet to think that although the family would stay together, they'd have to give up everything else.

But then the return happened, and it just seemed to tear apart the very roots of KK. I can understand Kane giving Kirsty up when he went to jail and asking her to forget about him. Cruel to be kind, again, although I struggle with why he chose not to appeal sooner. What I can't comprehend in the slightest is how Kirsty has been able to move on so quickly with Miles, and how she could even consider staying with Miles over Kane.

Sure, she's happy enough with Miles, but with Kane it was so much more than that - they were a perfect match from the outset, and spent so long fighting to be together. I feel they've tried to adapt the character of Kirsty since she came back to make her more compatible with Miles... but it just doesn't work.

I know people are saying "oh, she was never happy with Kane, she'll have a much better life with Miles", but I think that the people that say that don't realise that it was never being with Kane that meant she had a 'bad' time of it - one can hardly blame him for her kidney complications, miscarriage, Kane's cancer, his father setting him up etc. And if we look at the season finale of 2005, I think we can glimpse that happiness of KK between dramas :P

So yeah, I believe she can be equally 'happy', if not more so with Kane.

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I’m so glad somebody decided to start this.

I’m a hardcore KK fan for sure. One of the reasons why I liked them so much because they went through so much yet still stayed together whereas some of the other couples floundered. Think back to all the events during the time in the bay, their bonding after the Mirigini sunk, the accident (after Dani ran Kane over), the trial, the secret wedding, the fake pregnancy, Kirsty’s kidney disease, Kane’s cancer etc etc. Think of how much they had to go through to actually gain acceptance. Another thing was that there was such chemistry between them. I still remember very vividly the recommitment ceremony when Kirsty was singing to Kane. You could see it in their eyes. You could almost feel the love. This was due to the fact that Christie and Sam were so convincing with their acting.

I completely understand why people hate them - The main reason being obviously that Kane raped Dani. Other reasons stemming from the rape include Kirsty’s selfishness (wanting to be with him despite how her family felt etc). The only thing I can say to that was you could see after the second mediation session that Kane did seem to show genuine remorse for what he did. In hindsight he probably should have gone to jail but he didn’t. And think of how many people he helped after that (such as Shelly, Kirsty, Max and Noah). Also most importantly, Dani forgave Kane for what he did and they eventually became friends. And what typified it for me was in Dani’s final episode she said to Kirsty, “I wish Scott and I have what you and Kane have but we don’t”. To me that spoke volumes. Even Dani could see the mutual love they shared for one another.

In regards to their return I was totally against it. I just felt that their ending and the way they left the bay was perfect. i.e. they were going to spend the rest of their lives together. Also, I don’t really think it would have been viable to bring them back without the rest of the Sutherlands as their whole relationship was mainly based around them. And already we can see Kirsty who has been there for months doesn’t appear to have made any contact with them and vice versa – implausible. But that is a whole other thread. I was extremely displeased when they split them up but always held onto the notion that as Christine was only there as a guest start that at some point she and Kane would be reunited. I’m only at UK pace at the moment but Kane has only just contacted Kirsty for the first time since being in jail and she’s now working long shifts to try and raise money for his appeal (despite borrowing $5000 from Bartlett).

I do hope that they reunite them before Christine leaves as this will at least in part make up for the debacle that was to bring them back into the show in the first place.

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They were the reason I wrote my first fanfic tho admittedly it was because I was concerned H&A hadn't dealt with Dani's trauma very sympathetically and some of the younger viewers didn't seem to grasp what had really happened. Having said that, I had - and still have - a very soft spot for Kane and think Sam Atwell is fantastic in the role. Like many people I hate the "rapist gone good" storyline H&A churns out on an apparently fairly regular basis but I did feel Kane was an exception as he was genuinely sorry when Dani made him realise what he'd done and he tried to be a better person.

Kirsty...well, I was less keen on Kirsty. With Kane, she was fantastic and there was certainly chemistry there, the couple were very believable.

The Kirsty who has returned, I don't like her very much at all tho this is down to bad scriptwriting. The escort storyline is dreadful and I don't buy her working as a secretary in a school either despite Barltett (yeugh!) having a crush on her. The original Kirsty was very sporty and no matter how many years have passed, she would still be more at home wearing jeans and trainers working in a sports shop or at the gym.

But as for Kirsty "loving" Miles...where do I begin? :angry: It's just a few short weeks since her husband, her soul-mate, the father of her child, the guy she fought with every ounce of being to be with, was jailed. There is NO WAY the idea of Kirsty beginning another relationship so soon rings even remotely true and every time I see Kirsty and Miles together all I can think is it doesn't seem natural.

Kane, Kirsty and Ollie are the true family and are how it should be. :)

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I Love Music, I couldn’t agree more. To be honest I thought that the writers slipped up here. However I felt that the main reason for this was because the time constraints prohibited them from actually using the word “rape” in the show. So for a lot of people it was ambiguous as to what happened. I have to admit even I didn’t realise right away.

In regards to Kirsty I was a bit surprised she didn’t do something sportier. If you recall she won the triathlon and I believe won a scholarship to join an academy with the prospect of competing in the Olympics one day. She was also a duty lifeguard (she saved Kane from drowning) and the star player of the football team. Although admittedly she did develop kidney disease and I don’t recall her doing anything physical after that so perhaps she is still unable to.

As I said before I was very displeased about her getting together with Miles so quickly. I remember when Kane first broke up with her, she was extremely depressed for a good 2-3 months after he left. Also she ran off with him twice and married him even though she knew it was illegal. A more plausible reaction would have been for her again be depressed for a bit (not as long as before) and pick herself up for the sake of her child. I could have seen her maybe being like Leah is now, just focusing on the child and making ends meet. Although I do feel the situation with Miles is that it is possibly security that she is thinking of. So she is actually putting her child’s needs before her own.

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I have decided that I want KK to be together. I was unsure for a while becasue I had started to really like Kirsty and Miles together.

I hope Kane and Kirsty reunite because they are just meant for each other and then Miles can eb with Leah because IT will happen that Leah and Miles will get together eventually.

Ollie would be so happy to have his parents back together and for once they wouldnt be on the run.

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I love KK together, but I don't think Sam Atwell wants to join the show permanently so if they're to get back together then that means my dear Kirsty would have to leave :( I'm torn...

The only way to have a happy kinda ending would be for Kirsty to choose Kane and do their love story over the past couple of years justice is to kill Kane off at the formal.If he doesnt die at the formal then Kirsty will choose Miles and then Kane will leave on his own because Kirsty is not leaving the show which would completely ruin their story.They were in love so much and then they would be ruining that

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