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Roman Harris - Conrad Coleby


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I think he just doesn't know what to do. He was supportive of Martha before Jack died because of the cancer, but he knew where the line was because Jack was there. Now Jack is gone and he thinks he has to be more supportive because Jack isn't there to pick Martha up where Roman's friendship would normally leave off. I think he's just really confused, and having people accuse him of trying to get into her pants is just making him angry, because it's such a crude thought, and I don't believe it's one that's consciously crossed his mind yet. He's obviously still attracted to Martha, but I think he's genuine when he says that he just wants to look after her and make sure she's okay. I think the only reason that Charlie is being such a bitch about it is because Roman dumped her because of his feelings for Martha, so if he's willing to do that, he might as well be willing to hit on her two weeks after her husband's been buried. Charlie's being petty and that's making Roman do the same thing, but now that she's backed off, he might settle down a bit. That is, if his imminent realisation that he does still want to be with Martha doesn't freak him out and make him try to prove how good his intentions are by biting off the head of anyone who dares to get near her... :rolleyes:

(Sorry if this doesn't make sense - my mind's a bit hazy at the moment.)

That makes sense and I hope that Roman and Martha stay friends for a while at least, I want her to grieve before moving on, the fans are so Martha should as well.

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What is Roman doing! I understand that he is just trying to look after Martha but he had no right to speak to Hugo the way that he did. Martha told Roman that she wanted Hugo and Xavier to live with her so why does Roman need to stick his nose in! It wasnt any of his business! Im really disliking the way that Roman is acting just now.

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He's ripping at the heartstrings at the moment, I'm surprised that this hasn't been mentioned yet.

For Roman to be blind is heartbreaking but even his VOICE - when he yelled at Nic & Aden for not leaving everything where it should be, I cringed so much becaue that's not the Roman that most of us know and love and yet ... it was still him! Such a sad storyline - and what an exit.


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