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Annie Campbell - Charlotte Best


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I quite like Annie. She can be a bit annoying and pestering at times, but I don't think it's any reason not to like her, she's only what, 14? 15? Most kids are like that at that age. I thought that the Campbell family was a great addition, and we got a lot of good storylines out of their arrival. I quite like Annie in her little group of friends - Jai, and Ruby. They can be pretty interesting together and the dynamics of their relationship are good.


Whats everyones opinion?

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Annie has that innocence that you just wish you had when you were 15 years old, I mean not even I was that innocent. And it's good that she is one of those character's that isn't too worried about her appearance or how good she looks and its even beter she has a boyfriend like Jai who likes her for who she is and where she doesn't have to change her belief's to be with someone.

She can be very naive though, like when everyone found out about Geoff sleeping with Nicole, Annie didn't even have the full facts of what happened or where and yet she came to the conclusion that "Nicole forced him, or something' which is not true, it take two to tango not one.

But it's is very good that the writers havent changed Annie just because she does have a boyfriend, unlike Melody who I now cant stand because of what she is like now and what she was like before. I would have thought that after the Axel thing she would have been stronger about her belief's not throwing them away completely.

Rant over!

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I like Annie. She was a bit annoying at first but as she has grown up she isnt annoying like before. It's good that she isn't like every other character. Although I don't think it will be like that forever. Annie told Jai she didn't want to sleep with him as she doesnt want to before she gets married but that is one of the things I think the writers will change. But at the moment I love how sweet and innocent her relationship with Jai is. Charlotte best has got a lot better since she joined. At first she always sounded like she had a cold.

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I agree, she has really grown on me. I like her naivity. It's nice to see a fifteen year old that hasn't lost all her innocence, it's unusual but it's great. And she's grown up a lot since she first came on the show, she's much more accepting of the world as it is but you can still see the roots of her character as it was when she arrived. It's been a slow development but a good one. When she arrived her idea of good and bad was very black and white but there's a grey area developing with her and I like it. I think she's cute and her and Jai are such a sweet couple.

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