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  1. I think she is a great character but im sure she has been in home and away before. Was'nt She? wasnt she Sandy Before?
  2. Though lets not forget that you also told us Bridget would be dying in a car crash and Jai would be having an 'explosive' exit this year So Probably a load of old Crap then what he or she said Dan? x
  3. Thanks for the message about the scruffy avatar :) I added you on msn, hope you don't mind.

  4. hey,

    im good thank you, how are you?

  5. Hi Hun , I sent you a couple of Msgs and im not sure if you got them, Hope your well.



  6. Hey Hun , How are you? Hope your okay.

    chat soon


  7. found a clip on You Tube of Kain!! So old! 2005!! he is a fantastic actor!
  8. I agreee hopefully soon she will get a new Storyline!
  9. Hi all Make sure you Visit http://www.charlotte-best.com The website has a Brand new Look
  10. Im glad you changed your Mind , because having a disability is not all that easy. Since I have one Myself and I really think that Kain is doing a fantastic Job although I wish they would bring some one in with 22q11 too that would be interesting.
  11. Thank You Dan!! I knew i Had Seen Him Some where before Cheers Guys!!
  12. Kain was In Home and Away before as Troy? did he hang out with Ric?
  13. Yes I know that lol But I'm not fussed there just normal people so i didn't want to disturbe them. I will enjoy the fan cards they are signed but copied and i am happy with them Jessica
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