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  1. denim hot pants, black strappy top, long wellies and a barbour - odd assortment but about to go dog walking!
  2. Bumping in the hope of an update! I know you're really busy with uni work but I miss this fic!!
  3. ^^I lovvve that movie! I watched Mamma Mia last night - it's been a while but it still makes me feel :D
  4. Acid wash denim jeans, loose blue crop top and biker boots.
  5. The Jane Austen Book Club - such a girly film and I loved it
  6. My new acid wash light grey jeans blue bandeau top and black jumper
  7. FINALLY, I have managed to catch up and wow, I can't believe I stayed away so long!! I think it's great you've brought her Dad back into her life - sort of anyway - I felt so sorry for Tony when she was annoyed with him but then I can see that her Dad would be a very emotional thing to be surprised with. The whole chapter was written to absolute perfection. And hooray for the return of Brad!! I loved that line! I don't know why but there was something really poignant about that line - just the irrational angry thoughts you have when you're grieving I guess. Poor Martha, she's so lost. That part made my arm go all floppy, I'm so squeamish! But it was sooo well described, horrible but beautiful. Leah and Hugo were cute And the Brad and Rachel scene was great, it explained so much and I love that you recreated their close sibling bond so perfectly. And the Tachel fluff was cutteee!! And last but not least the awesomeness that was the arrival of baby Tachel The first bit was sooo funny. Tony's such an idiot, but a loveable one! And the rest of the chapter was so lovely, really really beautiful. I feel like I've left out loads more that I wanted to say! But to sum up I love this fic, you're a brilliant writer and I can't wait for the next installment.
  8. Black body con dress, checked shirt and red high tops
  9. Black strappy, hot pink zip up hoody, acid wash denim hot pants, black tights, grey plimsoles.
  10. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. If you're thinking of watching it - don't. Seriously, that's 93 minutes of my life I'm never going to get back.
  11. Aww Kirsty I loved it, it was such a nice chapter but still kind of bittersweet with Martha. I love the way you're writing her grieving process, it's beautiful. I lovvved the Leah and Rachel scene and how they're such good friends and I can not wait to find out what Tony's surprise is - he's so adorable!! Thank you for putting this up just in time to take my mind off revision - two hours to go! aaah! And hope your dissertation is going well! (although not too well so you don't have time to write more of this )
  12. Natty - Bedroom eyes - can not get enough of this song.
  13. Monday night! Just in time to distract me from my exam on Tuesday morning! Difficult to care about uni work when there are much more important things to think about! Ha ha, can't wait!
  14. Factory Girl, still trying to decide whether or not I liked it. It was all a bit shallow I think, which I'm not sure it necessarily was back then. I don't know, it was good, it just sort of lacked depth.
  15. THUNDERSTORM! It actually sounds like it's raining in my room. Little concerned actually...
  16. Kirsty I'm soooooooo sorry I have been completely rubbish at keeping up but not that sorry as I had so much to read and it was all so mind blowingly good!! Jimmy!! I absolutely never saw that coming and the whole thing was written to absolute perfection. SO emotional and SO dramatic and not at all over the top - well, not by Summer Bay standards anyway!! I think I need to read it again to review properly but seriously, wow. So amazing. Kim you little Poor Martha. And I love that you have Leah and Martha talking, they've definately missed a trick with that one in the actual show. And Leah and Hugo Even though I hate Hugo God it was all so good! I can not WAIT until the next installment. And we all know Kim loves Rachel more than Kit! As long as we can leave it at that then I'm ok. I can get on board with the Tachel love now! Besides you write them so well it's impossible not to love them. EDIT: stupid emoticon restrictions. :angry face:
  17. Superbad, f***ing funny but so stressful!
  18. Massive catch up session on Americas next top model, Gossip girl and the Hills
  19. Ah I'm so glad you're back in action! That was such a good chapter, poor Martha But I'm glad she's ok. Leah getting drunk - standard! I'm guessing it was Hugo? The Tachel stuff was so cute as well - as usual! Little concerned Kim's turning into a psycotic stalker but I can not freaking wait until the next installment! Thanks for the update!
  20. chicken and avocado salad, four pack of apple juice and a pen
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