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Short Chapter, Going out, Might have the next bit up later


Aden pulled himself out of the hug after a few minutes and had pulled his legs back up to his chest. He had managed to subdue the tears and had returned to staring out into nothingness. He didn’t want to go into details, he already knew enough.

Roman waited to see whether or not Aden would say anything but had no luck. He just stared blankly into the sea. Roman decided to make the first move.

“Have you told anyone else” He asked hoping that for the last however many years that he hadn’t had to deal with this all by himself with no one to talk to. Aden shook his head slightly but kept his stare with the ocean.

“Maybe I could talk so someone about you seeing a councillor?” He asked, but could tell that he was getting agitated.

“I’m not some weak little victim that needs help, I’m fine!” He said angrily, standing up as he said it. Roman stood up carefully as not to slip on the slippery rocks.

“Ok, Ok, I just..” He started but was cut of by Aden.

“No!” He yelled “Just... Just... leave me alone for a while” Roman didn’t want to leave him, but he also didn’t want to push him away.

He had started to trust him and he didn’t want to throw that away. He carefully climbed back down jump rock and looked back at Aden as he did.

Aden ran his hands through his hair and letting out a big sigh. As he went to sit back down, he felt his shoes slip on the rock and the floor disappear from beneath him. He was falling through the air for a few moments before splashing in the water. He felt a sharp pain in his head before everything went black.

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Sorry for lack of update. I'm on my brother Mac, and lost the original of this chapter and had to re-write it. Don't like it XD

Roman watched in mounting horror as he watched Aden's body plummet into the water below.

"Oh my god!" Roman said after seeing Aden's head hit one of the larger rocks and then disappear under the water. He stood there for a moment in shock before his instinct kicked in and he dived into the water without thinking of the dangers. The freezing cold water engulfed his body and held him paralyzed for a moment before he broke free to the captivating coldness and swam as fast as he could towards where he saw Aden fall.

Looking around, he saw nothing. The waves crashed into him and the turned around desperate to find any hint of Aden. Having no luck, he took a deep breath and dived under the water in searched for Aden.

He tried to stay under water for longer but soon enough he ran out of breath and had to return to the surface. He circled again to look for him, this time noticing a dark shadow under the water a few meters away. He swam over, hopeful and dived under again, dragging Aden's limp body to the surface. He was unconscious.


Dragging Aden out of the freezing water, he rolled him onto his back. He placed a hand just over his mouth to see if he was breathing only to find that he wasn't. He found a weak pulse in his neck which gave him hope.

Tilting his head back and pinching his nose, he placed his mouth over Aden and began to give him mouth to mouth. After a few moments of this, Aden's body shook back to life as he began to cough up water.

He gently turned him onto his side and rubbed his back gently as he continued to cough. Trying to catch his breath back, Roman didn't realise that Aden had slipped out of consciousness. He was breathing, but with this, Roman remember that he had hit his head and instinctively pulled his mobile out only to then find that the water had caused it to stop working

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