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I'll come back and most likely edit this later. It's quick, Im going out. Sorry for any mistakes or crapness XD

After staying in Aden’s room for a few hours the previous night, Rachel had suggested to him that he should go home and get some rest. He reluctantly done so, but returned the next morning after his shift at the Diner to see how he was, and to see if his dad had turned up.

“Any change” Roman asked Rachel as he entered.

“Nope, nothing yet. He’s still unconscious but you can go see him if you want”

“Is his dad here” Roman asked cautiously. If he was, he didn’t want to cause a scene

“He turned up a few hours ago drunk” Rachel said grimly “We had to send him away”

“Ok, thanks” Roman said sighing and heading towards Aden’s room


He was confused and uncomfortable, but he couldn’t bring himself to move or open his eyes. He lay there for a moment listening but all that he could hear was what sounded like pages being turned. He moved his head slightly, still not opening his eyes and let out a small groan as eh did so, his head throbbing. He felt someone move towards him, but not knowing who it was. He opened his eyes slightly and saw a relieved looking Roman above him.

“Hey mate” Roman said “I’ll be right back” Aden followed him with his eyes as he left the room before returning to look around the room. He was in a hospital. He hated hospitals.

A few moments later, Roman returned with Rachel who began to check him over

“Hey Aden, can you tell where you are”

“Hospital” He muttered quietly

“Good, now what’s the last thing you can remember”

Aden thought hard, the last thing he could remember was arguing with his dad

“Fighting” He said weakly

“With who” Rachel asked.

“Dad” He said “He’s not here is he” He trailed of as the sentenced reached the end.

“No he’s not” Roman pitched in and Aden let out a sigh of relief

“Do you know when that was” Rachel asked and there was a moment pause as Aden struggled to remember.

“Uhhh. Thursday” He said which left Roman there confused. The argument at Aden’s house was on Thursday, what about when he dad came to Romans.

“ You sure mate” Roman interrupted as Rachel began to speak

“Yeh” Aden answered even more confused that he doubted him

“What about the argument at mine” He asked but Aden only shook his head.

If Aden couldn’t remember that argument, then he didn’t know that Roman new the truth about his past

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