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It won't let me post the whole chapter...

Ill try in smaller posts :)

Lol yeh

Update !!!!!! XD


His coat didn’t seem to stop the rain from soaking him to the bone as Roman searched down the beach for Aden, the rain pouring down causing it hard for him to see properly. After getting the call from Martha, he headed straight to the Gym but he had already left and no one had seen him since. He had asked Irene, Geoff, Belle and jack trying to not to let too much information go or seem to concerned. He didn’t want people to ask questions, but he really needed to find him.

Feeling a vibration in his trousers, Roman removed his phone from his pocket trying to protect it from the rain using hand, having no luck. It was Martha.

“Hey, you found him?” Roman asked anxiously

“Annie said she saw him sitting on Jump rock when she was heading back home, not sure if he’s still there though” Martha replied.

“Ok thanks, I’ll go check it out” Roman replied kind of relived that they may have found him before saying goodbye and heading in the right direction.


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Second part (Stupid posting problems)


Aden was sitting with his legs pulled close to his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around them. He was staring down at the crashing waves below. As Roman sat down cautiously, he kept his stare and didn’t acknowledge his presence.

“Hey mate” He said gently but didn’t receive a response. Although it was raining, Roman noticed a small tear form in his eyes and slowly fell down his cheek. He didn’t want to push him into saying something he didn’t want to. He wanted to let Aden set the pace and choose what he did or didn’t tell him.

“How much did you hear?” Aden asked quietly, afraid he already knew the answer.

“Most of it” Answered Roman truthfully. Another tear fell down his face and he pulled his knees even tighter to his chest.

“I’m not lying” He said weakly just above a whisper. Roman gently placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and Aden looked up at him as more tears started to fall freely down his fast. As sobs began to rack through his body, Roman pulled him into a hug and let Aden cry his heart out onto his shoulder. Aden felt weak that he was allowing an older man, someone he respected too see him in this state but at that moment he needed to feel safe and loved.


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Aw!!!!!!!!!! The very first bit of from earlier nearly made me cry even though it was short. I could completely see that being Aden's reaction, it fitted perfectly with the character, and you wrote it so that i could see that really clearly! Excellent writing!

The more recent updates were amazing! I loved when Aden told Roman that he wasn't lying, that was just so... sad. :(

Please update soon! I love this story so much!!!!


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