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Right, again on my brother mac. Wrote the next chapter and realised that I don't have a memory stick to swap it onto my laptop. My brother wants his mac back, SO I'll post it :D

"Belle! Belle!" Roman yelled when he saw he walking out of the Diner, holding an umbrella as the rain had began to pour down yet again. Belle looked around when she heard her name and for a moment was unable to see where the call was coming from. Looking down at the beach, she saw a frantic looking Roman, yelling her name with his hand placed on the shoulder of someone who she was unable to identify from the distance.

She rushed down the beach, sensing that something was wrong. As she approached she realised that the limp body on the floor was that of Aden.

"Do you have your Mobile with you!" He asked anxiously.

"Yeh" She replied while handing him her mobile, realising that Aden was in trouble. She knelt down next to him and checked him pulse even though she was sure Roman would have already done so.

"The ambulance is on its way" Roman confirmed handing her back her mobile and returning to looking at Aden with concern.

"What happened" Belle asked confused.

"He fell of Jump rock' He answered not really wanting to give to much away. At this time he wasn't even sure whether he had fell. His mental state was at it's best when he left him. He was upset and angry. Could he have jumped?


"Aden Jeffries, 18 years old, fell of jump rock. 2cm laceration above the left temple. Underwater for aprox 3 minutes and was revived at the scene." Said Rachel as she wheeled him into a room.

"Ok, lets get him onto the bed. 1,2,3" She said, moving him onto the bed with the help from the other doctors in the room.

"Is he going to be alright" Roman asked anxiously from the side of the room watching as the doctors began to work on him

"We won;t know anything for sure until we've checked him over, so could you just...." She trailed of indicating for him to the leave to room. Reluctantly, he did.

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Sorry about the time between updates. Shortish, but I wanted to update both Just three words and Bruises tonight.


“He’s got concussion, but were not sure how severe, we’ll have to wait for him to wake up before we know if he has any memory loss” Rachel explained the Roman outside the room Aden was in.

“But he should be alright?” Roman asked anxiously.

“Yeh” Rachel confirmed, before turning her attention to Nurse Julie who had just passed “Have you managed to get hold of Aden’s dad yet?” She asked.

“I’m not sure if Aden will want to see his dad” Roman interrupted before Julie could answer.

“I haven’t been able to get hold of him” Julie answered Rachel’s question confused at what he had said. She exchanged a look with her, before continuing on her way.

“Why wouldn’t he want to see his dad, do they not get on?”

“Uhh, They’ve had a uhh, disagreement” Roman answered vaguely. He didn’t want to go into too much detail. It wasn’t anyone business other than Aden and his dads. He wasn’t supposed to know and it was obvious Aden didn’t want him too. He wasn’t about to betray his trust, even if it was with doctor. Rachel looked confused, but it was obvious Roman didn’t want to go into detail.

“Well, We will have to call him anyway, He is Aden’s legal Guardian. When Aden wakes up he can choose whether or not to see him” She said smiling sympathetically at Roman. It was clear he cared about Aden and only wanted to the best for him, but at this stage he didn’t have any ruling about his father seeing him.

“Can I go see him” Roman asked politely.

“Yeh, sure. He’s still not awake so there really isn’t much you can do.” She stated before heading of back to work.

Roman thanked as she left and headed towards Aden room. Pushing the door open slightly he looked inside, not really sure why he had done this so carefully. Aden wasn’t even awake. Stepping inside he wasn’t really sure what to expect. He had a white bandage wrapped round his head, his hair tufted up at the top. He wasn’t really sure what to do, He was unconscious and most likely wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon but if he left his father would turn up and cause trouble. Sitting down he became consumed in his own thoughts about the revelation he made earlier that day.

He wondered who sexual abused him, A name wasn’t mention. By the way he was speaking, It didn’t sound like it was Larry himself. Had he told anyone? Had he gotten any help? And how much of his defensive and seemingly “jerk” behaviour could be explained by his need to protect himself from the world. To break everyone down before they would hurt him.

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