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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Have a great day :) x

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a good one

  3. AOL at the bedroom scene Aden is such a sweetie! You really have got this cliffhanger ending down to a tee mate But like they say you can run but you cant hide lmao
  4. He's not accepted me yet. I'm going to hunt him. When did you send your request mate? Oh, happy for you btw. Thanks God it was ages ago like 6-7 weeks I think maybe even longer!
  5. oooooo great update Cant wait to see this unfold
  6. That was great I think Nic would kinda know by spending time with Aden cant wait to see other peoples reactions at them getting back together loved the mention on the doona aswell xoxo
  7. Todd Lasance has accepted me as a friend woohoo how happy am I lmao
  8. great chapter cant wait til aden and ric finally meet up and for aden and belle's dinner date???
  9. O great update I agree with the other coments about his grandad! Belle and Aden friends think that'll get interesting
  10. ooo great chapter cant wait for another installment..
  11. no i know what you mean they drag it out and drag it out til you dont really care who done it by then lol I was thinkin Bradley aswell dont know why...
  12. Just got todays WOTV and it says about halloween
  13. AWWWW so sweet great update I love Halo 3 but Im so like Belle cant play the stupid thing to save my life!!!! Great chapter ooo I hope the drama isnt too dramatic lol I'd love to play xbox with Aden all day how cool would that be *back to bubble*
  14. ooooo what is it???? Update soon pretty please and put me out of my misery!!
  15. great update love the bickering between Belle and Geoff! Aw thats a shame that your gonna miss the party but you'll have loads to catch up on at the weekend!!!
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