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Story Title: Bruises (May change)

Type of story: Medium/long fic and (undecided)

Main Characters: Aden centric

Other Characters: Roman, Morag, Geoff, Martha - Then later on : Nicole, Belle, Irene, Rachel

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mainly angst, drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC, L, V

Summary: If Aden hadn't lost his memory and people found out about his Abuse. It starts just after Roman walking in on Aden confronting his dad, but takes a different route than in the show.

*Roman and Martha - The story starts around the time where Roman and Martha are dating so for the sake of this story, they are still dating although there relationship won't really have an affect on the story*

Bugger. That one word was racing through his mind as he rushed out his door shortly followed by Roman. He wasn’t sure how much he had heard, but either way he knew there would be questions he didn’t want to answer about things he just wanted to forget. The anger inside him was still there but at the site of Roman he had repressed it and put his defences back up. He tried to just walk away in the hopes that Roman would leave but he had no luck. As he went to turn the corner he heard Roman shout after him. He tried to ignore him but a few moments later he heard footstep behind him and then felt a firm hand on his shoulder stopping him in his tracks.

“Just go away, leave it, forget it ever happened.” Aden said to him angrily shrugging of the hand.

“I don’t know what just happened but I’m not just gunna forget it!” Roman replied but didn’t get a reaction from Aden, who stood there with so many different emotions in his eyes that it was too hard for Roman to decipher them.

“Come back to mine, we’ll talk there.” Roman said after a few moments of silence.

“I don’t want to talk.” Aden yelled at him.

“Ok,ok.” Roman said calmly “Then you can sleep at mine tonight. I’m not just gunna let you sleep on the streets.”

Aden looked at him for a second before deciding a sofa was better than the bushes and reluctantly headed back towards Romans car and sitting in the passenger seat. As Roman started the car he looked over to Aden to see him fiddling with his nails obviously feeling awkward.

He had only known Aden for a few weeks and knew that he had problems, but never thought that his father could be so violent. He thought maybe his problems had something to do with his grandfather as that seemed to be the source of all his anger. Maybe it did, but he could be certain without talking to Aden first. He had only come over to check about his blood results and instead had found Larry throttling him. He put these thoughts to the back of his mind as they approached the house.

Aden followed Roman awkwardly into the house and looked around at the surroundings. The sound of the door had indicated their arrival to the other people in the house. Martha headed down the stairs when she heard the door open.

“Hey!” She said happily trailing of as she realised Aden was behind him. There was an awkward silence as Martha looked between the two of them.

“Uh, Aden why don’t you go in the kitchen and get yourself a drink, I’ll be in a minute” Roman said warmly pointing him towards the kitchen. Aden walked slowly through the door knowing for sure the conversation they were about to have was about him. Roman closed the door gently behind him and turning towards Martha.

“I thought you were just checking his blood results, but bringing him back.” Martha asked.

“I was, but I walked into a fight between his father that was getting a physical.” Roman explained.

“Well Aden doesn’t seem to have a scratch on him, So I’m guessing it was him who was getting “physical”” Martha asked just assuming from what she had seen of Aden in the past.

“Nope, his dad had him on the floor and was throttling him.” He said as Martha eyes widened.

“You reckon it could be a regular event?” Martha asked.

“No idea, might be. I’m going to go have a talk with him now so if you could just maybe stay upstairs?” Roman asked.

“Ok” Obliged Martha ”Good luck.” she said heading back upstairs. Sighing, Roman headed towards the kitchen door even though he was sure that he wouldn’t get anything out of him.

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This is such a great idea!!! I love your other one but an Aden centric one i'm sure will be amazing! As you've indicated by how good the start is! Please update soon, your writing style is so good! Even if you think it's bad im sure i'll think it's fantastic!! So in case you don't get the message... please more!!! :D

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