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Last Year's Christmas (by Nicom) - comments


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Aw, that was so cute :)

And EXACTLY what it would have been like in HnA!

If only JnM had actually lasted until xmas :rolleyes:

Hehe, they were so funny :P They always did know how to drive each other crazy lol

I missed your writing, nice to read something from you again.

Please write more when you can :)

And Happy Christmas :D


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That was so sweet; well, at least until you got to J&S <_<

Poor Jack :( Having to spend Xmas with Sam, who makes everything boring and...perfect :rolleyes:

Personally I would rather spend Xmas with J&M, would have been a lot more fun :D

J&M really knows how to drive each other crazy :P

Great oneshot, very well written :-)

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Thanks for the comments! I really do appreciate them!

And I guess it was kind of obvious that I just wanted to make clear how much Jack's life sucks now that he's with Sam, and how great it was when he was with Martha. I know you probably already knew that, but it doesn't hurt to remind us all that Jacky made the wrong decision, right? :P

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Nic, you know Im not big on JM :P but I read this because its the first thing Ive seen you post in ages and I know you're an awesome writer.

I thought this was great. Whilst its blatantly obvious that you'd play Sam down :P I really thought you did it well and I can kind of see why JM fans might feel Jack and Sam lack the JM spark. I could really imagine the descriptions and the tempo and the contrast between the two years was great.

This is a compliment in case I've comfused you :P I really enjoyed reading it. :)

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WoW you are an awesome writer probably the best I've read on bttb.. not to put anyone else down because everyone is good in there on way.

I would really prefer JnM's christmas, I could so see them having one like that if the writers had let them survive xmas, they alwayd new how to have fun and drive each other insane which only made them like each other more...

I hope you write another fic because I'd really like to read more.

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