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  1. this was an absolute delight to read!!! well done on writing such a heartfelt story it was lovely ric and matilda are my favourite couple as well and i am very sad to see them both leave soon but remember - i can always read this fic again in the library looking forward to the sequel as well : : xxx
  2. even though i am very sad that you are bringing this fic to an end, i understand your decision entirely. congatulations on writing a wonderful story with many laughs, tears, highs and lows it has been an enjoyment to read.(i can also open it up and read it again in The Northern Districts Library though!!! looking forward to the last part and fingers crossed for a sequel :P
  3. great chap cassie trial is coming up soon lets hope she goes to jail for a long time love the bond with brad,sal,pip,mattie and ric as a family its great!!!
  4. great chapter its so sad rob and tash are leaving hope they come back soon so glad drew has found someone hopefully it'll last well done
  5. excellent 2 chapters great add xxx they're gonna start a family soon!!!! :P
  6. id love it if someone could write and fic on all the teens of the bay luc,mattie, belle, cass, ric(well ric isnt a teen but is still young enough) and drew like a couple of years into the future and their friendship group, careers, love life, whats happened over the years etc. i really like how they are all friends in the show as well. or a mattie fic because on haa i don't think there has been a scene or a storyline on how mattie has been effected/suffered from her bulimia, burns, brothers and kit moving, her mum, hsc and ric or relationships in general as a WHOLE (if u no what i me
  7. lovely add very well written!!!!!!!!!! i love this story!!!!
  8. great chapter and i hope u did well in ur exams just wanted to say that im on my way to getting obssessed with this fic!!!!! ive already read it twice and im happy to do it again!!!! :P you have written this story so well and i hope there are many more chapters to come!!!!!! looking forward to the next update!
  9. fantastic!! i love scott and rob's comment's especially rob's bout his sis getting a bit distracted!!! it was hilarious!! :P
  10. bloody lucas!!! what is his problem?? he has a beautiful wife and three gorgeous girls right in front of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope mattie finds love again preferebly with ric coz their my fav couple but i like him and cass together in this fic!!!! great story update soon!
  11. poor martha lets up she recovers!! and ranya that was a total shock to me LUCAS wouldn't i love a boyfriend like that??!! great chapter
  12. i agree spending xmas morning with jack and martha would of been so much more fun!!!!! excellent one shot i enjoyed reading it! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!
  13. great chapter cant wait for the next one and im looking forward to mattie and lucas' plans will they take their relationshipto the next level im wondering....
  14. omg matticus!!!!!! i only just started reading this story today and its fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the friendship interaction between jack, martha, luc, rob,mattie and tash i also love all the couples interactions as well J&M,L&M,R&T i would like to see cassie and ric come into the story a bit more to!! its a great story and well done on ur other fic 'till death do us part'!
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