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The Anti JnM

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WooHoo!I'm here!

I wouldn't find them so bad if it weren't for all the hype but people act like they're the only people on the show.It's beyond obsessive and they aren't THAT great.It puts me off them big time.

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*Settles in comfortably.*

Jane, you are a genius and I agree 100% - I just don't get the hype. They were okay before Martha went all "I want to get seperated because you went out for drinks one night after telling me that you were working late. Oh, and you got drunk with Fitzy, what is that?"

I also hate the way people act like it's the Jack and Martha show.

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Woo hoo at last why didnt i think of starting this anti JM thread!! Anyways i so agree they are too overhyped and the way people on this forum go on about them makes me hate them even more.

I guess they were ok to begin with and they were fun n sweet to begin.. heck they even had a bit of chemistry! But i just dnt see that anymore i think their seperation was pathetic and over the most silliest little tiny small issue... what kind of married couple would break up over one night out with work mates?!!

If they were trying to show lack of commitment in a marriage and putting work over wife... and work being the number one priority over the marriage.. in this case referring to jack... they sure as hell did not show it well! The story was not developed and was really silly...infact they ended up making the issue so trivial!

I dont think martha and jack have a strong bond emotionally as a couple and i think they are better as friends and with other people.

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*Makes myself at home* I'm here to stay! :D Tea anyone?

I don't like their relationship at all. I never have, and never will. Their entire relationship happened so fast, and was very unrealistic. Plus, I hate them both as characters. :angry: I was shocked they were voted H&A's best couple, but at the same time pleased they were voted the worst couple aswell. :D

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