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  1. Marylin and Sid are great together. If someone can make him less serious she can !
  2. I hope the character of Sid will stay with the show for a long time to come. I was disappointed that he left last time after such a short time on the show. Really like his relationship with Marylin and his kids and now that Rachel is gone he will be the doc to watch I guess.
  3. Peter Baker was one of the best characters in HA ever. He actually left the show twice and came back. I had hoped for a long time he would still return to the show one day but I guess now there would be no point. So many things have changed since and everyone linked to him has left the bay as well. I am hoping Nick will do well in his new show Body of Proof. Hopefully it will not b canceled after a few episodes like his last show.
  4. Went to see Star Trek too. Yeah well, too bad Chris did not have a bigger part. Never was a big fan of the series but the movie was OK.
  5. you are more than welcome Nicky2 and I hoped that you enjoyed today's episode

  6. If I am not mistaken she just stayed living in the city with her (in fact Jades parents). I think their name was Van De Groot or something but I am really not sure about the name anymore. She came back to the bay once when Kirsty was sick and at first they asked her to donate a kidney for Kirsty but she refused to do it in the end and so Shelley did.
  7. Cool Avs, nice work Barbara !
  8. Please let it continue, I can never get sick of this kind of weather.
  9. That's exactly what I have been doing this morning, let's just hope the good weather may last a while, it looks good for the upcoming week though.
  10. Yeah, finally a little sun ... all we need now is that it warms up a little bit. What a difference between last years Easter holidays and this years.
  11. Yeah, dry for once but far too cold and a lot of wind.
  12. Very windy with a lot of rain. Last night was awful and today was not much better.
  13. Yeah, they haven't mentioned him in years. I can't really remember if they mentioned Robbie, Tasha, Scott and Hayley being at Beths funeral either. With all those characters not being in the show anymore the cooked up the storyline of Beths funeral being far away from the bay. I guess the same is going to happen now with Dan, so that they do not have to come up with Peter and their parents.
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