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    Home and Away

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    New Zealand
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    Star Wars, anything to do with comedy, and drama and classical, be it books/novels or tv shows/movies. Listens to all types of genres of music except hip hop.

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  1. Hey Chrissie. :P

    Missing you! :)

  2. Hey, how've you been?

  3. I'm bored! You're away... I should be doing my readings....

    Hope ya having a good holiday! :)

  4. *waves across the water* XD

  5. Hey my wonderful proof reader :D

  6. Love the one with the border
  7. Adore the b/w and the Isabel/Ada one.
  8. Love the first Cassie one in the Cassie post; the b/w Maddie and the last Maddie one; 1st, 2nd and 5th Belle one; 2nd and 5th Maddie [latest]; the 'trio' one and the Maddie/Tony one with border. Really fantastic work, Jen.
  9. First post: Love the 3rd and 4th Second post: 1st one. Great job, Jen.
  10. I love the second and last one best of all, Jen.
  11. Pirates of The Caribbean- At World's End
  12. I love the first one, Jen. It's gorgeous.
  13. ^ Lol, funny thing is I just saw that episode today... Love the first one best.
  14. I love these ones mainly for the border and the text really stands out. Love this one the best
  15. Love the ones with the borders on it, Jen.
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