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  1. Its taken me awhile to read all this but it was worth XD, thanks for updating
  2. Do we get the update now XD, pretty please
  3. Wow, the whole mood of the story has changed so much since I last read it. I could picture the Angelo scene before he found out Ric was dead, one of those situations wheres its like lmao thats so stupid-hang on why is everyone so sad-omg hes dead! As for Belle leaving but I can understand why, the guilt that she must has R.I.P Ric
  4. OMG! it was Ric, I didn't see that coming. Poor Coastal Junior team :
  5. I read it XD, it was awesome. Man Aden mean lol but moving on from that, its all very interesting. So something happened Monday night? but we don't know yet? if so it made prefect sense. Can't wait for more.
  6. I read this but yet I cant find a reply from me Bad Jane, Loved the update. Poor Aden, lol but the council lady grouchy now. Belle is soo good at pissing off the council isn't she? lol
  7. Wow, Now Annie's onboard, lol but she lied about being Belle's sister...I think I like this Annie. As for Angelo, I'm sure he will do something to stop Belle killing him..(hint,hint). Can't wait for more, it will be interesting to see what they get to print XD. Now that was an awesome quote, looks like Annie's no NB
  8. Yay, the long awaited three series. Loved it, can't wait for your next update
  9. Awww, I hope Angelo doesn't get in more trouble. Also I love how Belle managed to politely tell Ruby that she need to fix up her article, unlike poor Nicole! LOL
  10. Awww, Angelo he's so helpful.. Belle can't kill him, okay? As for Liza, lol! that was a great bit..poor Aden and I won't mention the grief Drew went through, nor the poor confused readers who have never heard of those star signs >they'll think hes mad! although shouldn't he know his stuff, then again it is Drew lol As for Ruby, Is she above a NB..after all she did lose her chair...and her desk awesome update
  11. Your welcome, I can't find your fan fics :( they were great to read when my internet wasn't playing up :/. How are you?

  12. This fic is great, I love it and awww it has Angelo, I like Angelo XD Anyway, what does NB stand for, is it New Boy >< I cant work it out and I feel stupid but apart from that I love it, All the characters are in character despite being other characters if you get that, more soon
  13. Thank you so much for writing this, I love how you dealt with the Miles and Kristy relationship with out making it anyless real but also without ignoring Kristy love for Kane. Of course the main thing was the bond between Ollie and Kane, awwww its just perfect. I loved this fic
  14. Hey, Its me, Im finally on here. XD

  15. *Cookie* The ending was fantastic, I love how you wrapped everything up so beautifully and omg! you need another cookie because you did what so many should of done but don't and that is the Amanda/Chris bit.. they will always love each other, but not in that way, that was the sweetest bit. I'm glad you added Justin, although at first I was worried he was working with Kelli because he didn't want Aden to look at his phone, so it was nice to see he was just being there for his brother. Your story makes me wish I had seen more of Jazz (I.E without Drew) on the real HAA, Chris and Jazz were just made for each other (i wonder why.. lol) but silly me had to stop for a second to remember that Belle and Geoff aren't related so Geoff and Abby aren't distantly related which makes that all good. Anyway, I will look forward to further fic's from you (hint.hint)
  16. I made myself sad, I read the update, then click on the same page and thought u had posted two updates, but alas it wasn't the case Jess is a bitch, i like it, I can't wait to see what you write next, its so awesome XD
  17. that was great, not sure why you are saying sorry for it being longer... we dont mind XD I love how you are developing everyone, looking forward to more soon.
  18. awww, no sex before marriage, it would be cute if not for Aden's past.... this is a good fic, I like it, was hoping that it was all up so I could read it and be all hehe I missed out of the cliff hanger... but you have no remorse (P.S joking) you just leave to keep me hanging, not that I mind. Nice to see a happy story, which will stay happy... right?
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  20. Poor Amanda, she just wants to fix things with her mum and her mum is working with Kelly to screw her over, hopefully this time Kitty will have the balls to stop Kelli...maybe Peter could shot both of them...I wouldnt mind. And lol @ Jazz, you writer her so well, she so funny at the hospital, not knowing much about PS2 things, it was just awesome to read. This update was definitely worth the wait, thanks for writing this and posting it for us to enjoy, I will now wait quietly for another update
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  23. Of course she will live... you don't us... aden to cry do you? awesome update, more soon please
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