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Bed Of Lies

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Type of story: undecided

Rating: T/A

Main Characters: Peter Baker & Amanda Vale & a few others

Genre: Drama/Romance

Warnings: Spoilers for viewers outside Australia. Mild (SC). (VD) and drug use.

Is Story being proof read: Yes

Summary: The aftermath of Kelli's revenge and how it affected Peter/Amanda's relationship.

Lilone and I are co-writing this fic. Here's a preview of what is to come:

Looking in the cupboards Amanda saw an open bottle of wine, she was just about to grab it when she stopped, realising that drinking wasn’t going to get her anywhere. Confused and deep in thoughts she walked over to the sofa, slowly lying down curling herself up into a ball.

He reached home and walked straight into his room. He didn’t even care less if he had ignored his brother or his son. All he wanted to do was to get to his sanctuary. And that was his room. He entered it not bothering to turn on the lights and landed on the bed. He lied there staring at the ceiling. And then he remembered it.

Out of nowhere, Amanda threw the jumper across the room in a shot of anger. She didn’t know why she did it but as the jumper was slung across the room, the anger slowly started to become easier to cope with.

One minute he was kissing her, the next, he was carrying her up to the bedroom where they could have some privacy, leaving a trail of clothes along the way....

Pete laughed sarcastically as he yelled, “So you think I was ready to be a father when Drew was born”
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No congrats going to Lil in the slightest <_<

Congrats to Chrissie for having the stomach to put up with it, more like!! :P

Aside from that, I'll read it cause it's from two fabulous writers, but I shall always hate the Panda-ness :P

Teasers are .... intriguing <_<

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Chapter one

Here you go :)

Slowly making her way downstairs, Amanda saw her mobile light up on the side table. She automatically knew who it was by the ring tone- Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars song played whenever Peter rang her. Running over to the phone and quickly answering it was really hard for Amanda not to do but how could she just pick up the phone after everything that had happened.

If Peter weren’t ringing it would be her voicemail telling her that she had messages to listen to, she just couldn’t bear listening to her voicemail or Peter.

Looking in the cupboards, Amanda saw an open bottle of wine. She was just about to grab it when she stopped, realising that drinking wasn’t going to get her anywhere. Confused and deep in thoughts she walked over to the sofa, slowly lying down curling herself up into a ball.

As she lay on the sofa, the house phone began to ring, she left it ringing and that’s when the answering machine kicked in… “Amanda it’s… it’s Peter. Please, I just want to see if you’re ok,” he said sounding concerned.

Amanda looked over at the phone then put her head back down on the sofa; tears built up in her eyes as she couldn’t figure out what to do.

It hadn’t even been a minute since Peter left the message when she heard the doorbell ring. Amanda looked up, dragging herself of the sofa and heading towards the door, she stop quickly as she heard Peter call out her name.

Standing still in shock, Amanda quickly kneeled down and turned as she lent against the door. Peter was knocking on the door loudly, shouting her name over and over.

“Amanda I know you’re there! I just want to make sure your ok… I’m not leaving until I get to see you!”

Confused and upset Amanda sat against the door just letting Peter stand outside. As she sat she heard a set of keys rattling and then the door handle slowly turning. She jumped up, backing away from the door watching Pete enter slowly.

“Peter, please, I don’t want to see you,” she said clearly and moved further away from him.

“I’m so worried about you. You haven’t been out the house since you came back home. You haven’t seen Belle or Ryan; you’re not returning any of my calls. I couldn’t just stay away,” Peter explained moving further into the house.

The further Peter walked towards her, the further she walked back. It was like she was scared of him. Pete stopped just looking at her,

“I’m sorry,” he said softly.

All Amanda did was just look at him still not saying anything until she asked,

“Why… why are you here Peter?”

“Amanda, I’m worried about you.” Peter replied softly again trying to move closer to her.

“Last week I managed to drag myself out of the car, scared and frightened that Kelli was still near me. Pete I thought I was going to die.”

Peter didn’t know what to say; Amanda had been through so much and he clearly didn’t know how to reassure her.

“Kelli can’t hurt you anymore. I will always be here for you Amanda,” Peter said reassuring Amanda.

Amanda quickly looked up at Pete.

“What? You will be here for me like you was in the hospital? Pete you told me you loved me, kissed me then ran out.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what I was doing,” Pete said nervously.

“So, you think that’s ok then, leaving me in there not knowing what to think or do?!” Amanda yelled.

“I should have stayed yes but after that kiss, I…. I just didn’t know I should kissed you.”

Amanda looked up at Peter, looking into his eyes as Peter moved quickly towards her.

He began to bite his lip nervously before leaning further towards her and kissing her passionately, Amanda pulled back in shock.

“What the hell was that?!” Amanda shouted.

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