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  1. Your artwork is really nice, Barbara - simple and effective I particularly love the cropping on that Leah avatar!! Very striking, and I like your contest entry as well
  2. Hey yourself!!! :D Ily toooooo!! Bahhh distances suck lol .... xxxx

  3. hey gorgeous

    it's me, belle!

    xoxox ily

  4. Yeah ... that't the first thing I thought too ......... -cough- ......... Ummm, hi ...... Yeah ...... Ok, cya :D

  5. Hehe! I'm so smart it's scarey. ^_^

  6. ^Lol Nicole!! You'd better prove yourself right, then
  7. You spelled it right!! So YAY :D

    Hello over there in Aus where certain people ought to be in bed lol!! :P

    Double comment for no apparent reason :P But HI!! :D

  8. Heyloo over there in Scotland XD If I spelt it wrong please forgive me :P

  9. Thanks for letting us know, Sarah_Lewis, we're in touch with the next person on the list and you'll be allocated a proof reader ASAP
  10. Zetti, in keeping with the new rules, QA and I have already cleared this issue up
  11. ~innocent~, I really like that! I also attempted one ..... If you use please upload and credit
  12. Well, I made this quick one, but let me know the answers to the questions and I'll have a go at something more along the lines of what you were thinking of Just let me know what you want, this is only a first attempt
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