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Lucas and Ric Appreciation Thread

Guest Perry

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We all know deep down, both Lucas and Ric have deep feelings for each other and we all know they should end up together, so I thought I should start a new appreciation thread for all Ric and Lucas lovers that know Ric and Lucas should be lovers. Who else is a Ricus fan?

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Hehe, Ricas ^_^

I've always thought that Ric was meant to be with Henry (even though I don't like Henry - the tension was just so obvious). Then Henry left, and Lucas came in, and then Robbie left, and I had nothing to live for, so I decided that a relationship betwen Ric and Lucas might fill the void, but... it didn't. As much as I wanted there to be a spark, I just couldn't find one. They really were just friends :(.

You may notice that I'm speaking in the past tense. Things changed dramatically for me when Lucas put himself at risk to get Ric out of jail. And Ric thanked him for it... and touched Lucas' arm... *shiver* oohhh that was nice...

Of course, I'm still waiting on Dean, but Ric would be more than acceptable for Lucas.

Yay Ricas :)

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I loved the scene they had together in Secrets and the city. Seb made them a sandwitch and when he called Nick to eat, he was dancing with the music up loud, so he screamed "I've been slaving over a hot coffee board for you!" :lol: He was also so defensive when Nick mentioned him and Kirsty, like he didn't want Nick to find out. That scene alone made me happy I bought it. :D

Though, back to Ric and Lucas. I think they would be adorable together. Their on-screen chemistry is fantastic and how worried Luc is makes them so much cuter in my eyes.

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