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Trouble At The Top (That Darker Side Of The Bay)

Guest ~Natasha~

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Title: Trouble At The Top (That Darker Side Of The Bay).

Characters: Jack & Martha (And the rest of the people are made up by meee <3).

Summary: When Martha gets offered a modelling contract, no one expects her, Jack and their friends to be caught in a tangled web full of lies, betrayal and hurt (Think Hollyoaks: In The City because that is where I got the idea from).

Rating: 15 (Includes sexual and bad language).



Think of Jack & Martha as Ben & Lisa. :P

Trouble At The Top

“How about this one?” Martha asked her husband after half an hour of trying on dresses, she had to find the exact right one for Kim and Rachel’s summer wedding. Jack looked bored and was already holding the other three dresses she had decided to buy because she had to ask a girls opinion as well.

“It is fine” Jack sighed, Martha looked at the dress again and then gave Jack a weird look and then put the dress back on the hanger.

“Just fine? Why did I bring you shopping?” Martha laughs as they go and pay for the dresses she already had to buy.

“Yes, why did you bring me shopping?” Jack whispers under his breath and passed her purse out of her handbag, which he had ended up carrying over the counter. They then left the shop which made Jack happy for the first time that day.

“Shall we go do something you like now?” She smiles sarcastically. “How about home and watch the cricket, drink bear and talk about…” She then runs into some random women, who looks at Martha once and then could not stop staring at her.

“It is my lucky day” She says after she finally looking away from Martha. Jack and Martha both look at her weirdly and then at each other.

“I am sorry but…” Martha suddenly starts laughing. “My wife does not swing that way” The women then joins Martha in the laughing.

“Oh you do not have to worry, neither do I” She continues. “I help run a modelling company and you would be perfect as one of our models. Martha just stands there speechless as she gives her one of the companies card. “Maybe you could drop in when your not so busy” She smiles and then walks away.


“You’re being unusually quiet” Jack explains to his wife, who was just sat in the passenger seat smiling. “You thinking about what that women said to you?” She turns around and nods. “Why don’t you go down there later and check it out?” He asks her.

“Because I am working later” She explains but he could tell she was feeling quite curious about the place and what it would be like.

“Well if it all goes well, you might have a new job by the end of the day” Jack smiles, while pulling into the driveway on the bachelor pad they like to call their house.


“What if it goes terrible” She worries. “What if I do not get that job, and also lose my job at the bar as well”

“I am sure it will be great and if you are worried about your job, call in sick” He reassures her as he unpacks the small amount of food shopping they did that morning. “You could even where one of your new dresses” He laughs.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love you” She rushes over and kisses him lightly and quickly on his lips and then separates her bags from Jack’s, unsurprisingly she had many more than her husband. “Which dress should I wear?” She smiles innocently at him.


“You look gorgeous babe” Jack tells her as she walks out f their bedroom and gives him a twirl, she had chosen the short, strapless red dress to wear.

“And you do not think it is too much?” She asks him, not sounding too sure. “The shoes, the dress…”

“Trust me, the dress is definitely not too much” He jokes but it does not make her feel any less nervous.

“You think it is too revealing?” She asks shocked. “It is isn’t it?” She starts to panic and walk back into her bedroom, ready to change her dress.

“No way, it looks amazing on you” He explains to her. “You are going to the best model in the history of models” He kisses her on her cheek. “You better get going” He smiles.

“Love you” She tells him?” I will call you when it is all over” She takes one last deep breath before leaving the house.


She paid the taxi driver before looking at the sign above the door- ‘Lush’ That was the place she was looking for. She found herself walking towards the door, hesitate for a second but then walk through the door casually.

“Hi, I am…” She got interrupted as she found herself standing in the owner’s office- His name seemed to be Cameron Stile as that is what it said on the door of his office.

“You must be the girl Sky was telling me about” He continued. “She has good taste” He smiles so Martha also smiles awkwardly. “You got the job” He immediately tells her.

“Just like that?” She grins ecstatically, even though she felt really confused underneath.

“Come and see me tomorrow morning and we will take some headshots of you, that will really make you part of the team” She smiles at him again before walking out of the office, she could not help but think that was a bit weird.

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this is great i loved it but ive never heard of this hollyoaks thing? lol is it a book or a show or a movie?? lol well i like this fic anyways lol update ASAP :)


I think it was only on in the UK (But maybe you live here, I don't know). It's a soap spin off from the actual Hollyoaks soap. ^_^

Thanks for the replies all of ya. :D x

This is great, loving it so far, watched most of the Hollyoaks series. Just please don't let it finish like it did. I hated that ending, so please don't finish it like that.

Update soon, can't wait for more

I hated the ending as well. :( I did not want Ben to die. :wink: x

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Brilliant! :D I love this Natasha! :wub:

I loved Hollyoaks in the city (so much better than normal Hollyoaks) I hated the ending too I'm hoping they have another series as it has been axed, but loads of people have signed a petition (including me twice :P ) hopefully it will be back as it ended on such a cliffhanger. Need to know if Ben died :(

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Thanks all of you! :D x

Trouble At The Top

"I got the job!" Martha screams at Jack as she enters the house. "It was a weird interview but I got the job" She squeals repeatedly.

"You got the job" He replied, making fun of her exited voice.

"Yes I did" She screams ecstatically. "The boss, Cameron was a bit strange but I GOT THE JOB!"

"Well done" He runs up to her and gives her a huge hug and kisses her forehead. "Fancy celebrating?"

"Yes I do" She tells him as she grabs the coat she just threw on the sofa and starts to walk out of the door.

"Don't you think I should get changed first?" He asks as he was still wearing the policeman uniform.

"Oh I don't know" Martha laughs and puts her arms around him seductively. "I reckon you will not be getting any complaints from me all night" She smiles and winks at him before teasingly walking out of the door.


"About time baby" Martha says as her husband finally walks through the door. "You dressed yourself well but I preferred that sexy uniform"

"And I would have preferred it if you were still sober when I got here" Jack replied sarcastically.

"I had one" Jack looks at her. "Okay two, maybe three" She admits. "But I will give to chance to catch up while I dance"

"On your own? Never" Jack gets up and dances with her for a while, constantly stopping for a drink.

"You have drunk more than me now!" Martha moans as they both sit back down.

"Trust me, I have not" He laughs. "I can still walk in a straight line"


"I have something amazing to tell you all" Martha shouts as Robbie, Tasha and Kim enter the bar.

"You're still standing" Tasha jokes as they all sit down with Kim getting the drinks.

"You are right, Tash, that is amazing" Jack laughs, but everyone ends up laughing at him when he trips over his chair leg while trying to sit down.

"So what's your news then?" Robbie then asks impatiently.

"I am going to be a model" Martha announces, and Tasha's face just lights up. "Remember that time last week when we went shopping and we drive past that gorgeous place that was all it up..."

"Is that the place?" She replies while squealing.

"No" She explains, with a sad look on her face. "But it is joined onto that building and it is just as nice inside as it was outside"

"That is great news, well done" Tasha raises her glass to Martha.

"And I get to go down tomorrow for the first time" She explains. "To look around the place, but what I have seen of it is gorgeous"


"Jack! Get up" Martha shouts as she brushes through her hair for the last time before she left the house to start her new job.

"I don't feel well at all" He explains while clutching onto his head in pain. "I was really sure you drunk more than me"

"It is a good thing you just got up, Jack Holden" Martha tells him. "I was just about to use that bottle of cold water out of the fridge on your head, but I did not want to be the bed wet" She laughs, but Jack was very close to crying.

"Why would you do that?" He asks her. " It is freezing" Jack explains to her but she seemed fine.

"Jack, it is seriously like one hundred degrees in here and the heating is on" She replies worriedly. Jack then rushes the bathroom but does not quite make it and throws up all over their new wooden floor.

"I am going to go now" She tells him. "Hope you feel better soon and I really hope you clean up"


"Hi, I'm looking for Camer..." She turns around to find him standing there smiling.

"Right this way Mrs Holden" He says as he escorts her around many different places around the building, including the offices and he then shows her some of the examples of the photography that they do.

"So what is in that room?" Martha asks him curiously.

"No one is allowed in there" He snaps but Martha did not argue and carried on looking at the pictures- she could not wait to get started.

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