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    Near Newcastle, England
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    I like watching Home and Away, Holby City, The Bill and Most of the soaps lol. I like going out with my mates, going on the computer and internet, listening to music and going on msn.
  1. Just A Dream - Carrie Underwood :wub:
  2. yeah, I have a friend that lives there... oo it's exciting haha x

  3. Hiya! Just seen your comment! I'm from Cramlington, which is techincally just in Northumberland, but it's so close to Newcastle most people just say Newcastle. Wooo Sunderland. Have been a few times lately. Twice to the theatre and once for a gig.

  4. Hiya! was in the Coleen AT and noticed you say your from near Newcastle and was wondering where.. I'm from Sunderland! It's exciting stuff haha, I thought I was the only fan up here!

  5. Don't Marry Her - The Beautiful South
  6. Arguement - Robots In Disguise :wub: Can't wait to go and see them live!! Definetely will be on November 2nd in Sunderland and maybe before in Islington and Sheffield if I can get there. Islington is looking quite likely that I can go to that gig. Cause it's half term week and I was going to go and stay with my friend who lives near London anyway. So will get her to come too.
  7. Crowded House - Weather With You :wub:
  8. As Long As You're Mine - Wicked.
  9. Song for whoever - Beautiful South.
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