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Trouble At The Top (That Darker Side Of The Bay)

Guest ~Natasha~

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Thanks all you lovely people. ^_^ x

Trouble At The Top

“Where is Martha?” Jack shouts at Cameron. “What have you done with my wife?” He cries out loud as everyone in the room turns to face him.

“Martha is married?” Cameron asks him shocked.

“Stile, I do not think this is relevant right now” Craig screams. “Upstairs, now!” He orders the other policeman and Jack up and he follows them.


“Martha, Martha please wake up” Jack pleads with her as he tries to shake her awake.

“Not quite the doctor are we… Jack” Stile says as he rushes to call an ambulance on his mobile.

“What was she even doing here?” He asks confused as they try and help Martha downstairs, which was now empty. The men in the room with Martha had already disappeared as soon as Cameron and Craig arrived.

“Craig, I think you should search the bedrooms” Cameron tells him worriedly. “I think this was the party”

“No it cannot possibly be” He replies shocked. “That was not meant to be for months” Craig adds.

“Go and check upstairs now!” Cameron shouts as he watches Jack holding onto Martha, waiting for the ambulance. Craig does as he is told and runs upstairs to check all the rooms.

“What do you mean, the party” Jack looks at him shocked and confused.

“I will explain later but it is not good, Jack” He tells him. “It is not good at all” He says while looking down at the ground guiltily, not because it was his fault but because she was now one of his girls.

“Where is she?” The paramedics rush in travel through all the bear cans and rubbish to reach Martha. “We came as soon as we could”


“Why is she not waking up?” Jack shouts as they wheel Martha into the emergency room, Jack pulling on to the end of the bed.

“We do not know what has happened to her yet, Mr Holden” The doctor hints at him, trying to get Jack to them what she had been doing. “We found a few bruises on her abdomen and traces of something unusual in her blood”

“What happened last night, Martha?” He pleads with her. “Wake up and tell me” He adds as he sits down next to her and the doctors are trying to keep her alive.


“Tell me now” Jack shouts as he grabs Cameron and pushes him against the wall fiercely. “Tell me what you have done to my wife” He insists.

“I swear I was not there” He pleads for Jack to let go. “I just know what those people are like and how their minds work” Cameron explains to him.

“So what are they like, How do their minds work and why was my wife involved in this sick game?” Jack lets go of him and begins to cry. “What is happening to her right now?” He asks while sitting down with tears dribbling down his face.


“Six people have been killed up there during the night” Craig screams as he enters the waiting room in the hospital.

“Shhh! Six? That is more than usual” Cameron wonders and Jack just stares at him shocked. “This is getting way out hand, these parties and these murders”

“Why do you not stop them? Why do you let this happen to innocent people?” Jack asks desperately.

“Because they cannot be stopped, Jack” Cameron explains to him. “They hobby is to rape and murder people, it is what turns them on! They are disgustingly insane and I do not know why Sarah is caught up with these kind of people” He tells Jack.

“They were going to rape, and then murder, my wife?” Jack shouts out angrily and very loudly. “Who are these people?” He asks them both.

“They are known as the ‘L-Crowd’ because they are not stupid enough to give their real names” Craig explains to him. “There are three of them, one films and the other two… You know” He tells a very shocked Jack.

“I think I am going to be sick, that is disgusting” Jack immediately gets up and walks into Martha’s hospital room, because she was now waking up.


“Martha, you are okay now” Jack asks her. “No one can hurt you anymore” He holds onto her hand as she stands next to her bed.

“What happened?” She asks him while sounding very confused.

“All you need to know is that you were saved before anything bad happened to you” He hugs her tightly and even though she was in pain, she still felt safe in his arms.

“Jack, Martha I have to tell you this before you get in too deep” Cameron tells them both. “Leave Lush, don’t even look back, it is bad news and one or both of you are going to get hurt eventually, leave now while you can!”

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Good on Cameron for telling Martha to leave Lush. I cant believe she could have died. Thats horrible. I dont need anymore tears then i already have <_< Poor Jacky and Martha :( I hope she's alright now, and she better not go back to that place, she better not!! Great chapter though

More please :D

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Just read the fic in one go and its great!

Poor Martha. And Jack too; that must have been awful for him, to find his wife in that state :(

Hollyoaks in the City never really appealled to me, but this fic is great :)

Update soon please

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