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Desire & Despair

Guest Drew

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Type of story: Long Fiction

Rating: A, SD, VD

Main Characters: Amanda, Josie, Peter, Belle & Drew... More characters involved though... Read below...

Genre: Dark Comedy mixed with Romantic Tragedy + Drama

Warnings: Violence, sexual content, not so strong language

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Have you ever wanted to explore Summer Bay in ways you thought were impossible? How well do you know the folk of the Summer Bay community? As Amanda Vale launches her Fashion House- Desire, it’s only the start of a train wreck which uncovers dark secrets, sinister affairs, dangerous wars and mysterious pasts. When a love triangle between Amanda, Peter and Josie begins, everybody around them gets sucked into their wicked, evil games one way or another, so one woman comes out as a winner. It’s this story, Desire & Despair, which gives a whole new meaning to the words “Revenge, Lust and Betrayal.”

Hey guys. I’m starting a new story, and putting Bay Crush on a break for now, to see how this story goes.

Anyway. Desire & Despair focuses on the lives of about half the Bay. These characters include, Sally, Amanda, Peter, Dan, Leah, Belle, Drew, Beth, Tony, Lucas, Matilda, Martha, Jack, Ric, Rachel and Josie! This isn't set out like my other fic (script form) it's more of a 'story form'. And yes, the chapters are shorter :P This story doesn’t continue off other storylines, so Peter never died, Josie isn’t living in Boston etc etc. This is just a quick summary of where the characters are at.

Amanda has started a Fashion House, called Desire. Going into partnership with Dan, Leah and Josie. Amanda has been working on a few lines while Josie works on the lingerie line. After hours, Amanda and Dan continue their affair. Dan and Leah are married and Amanda and Peter are engaged. Drew and Belle are together, Ric and Matilda are together, leaving Lucas single. Martha and Jack have remained married while Beth and Tony are now engaged. Rachel is now single after Kim has gone to live in the city and Sally remains as the single mum/widow.

This fic is a mix with The O.C, Desperate Housewives, Fashion House and of course, Home and Away. :P

So a story about teenagers with raging hormones and adults with dark secrets. All together they move around in separate paths, making some live with desires and making others live with despair. :wub::ph34r:

The first chapter should be up soon… Hope you all take a liking to it. :D

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Oh.. Maybe I explained that wrong :P The four shows don't mix into each other, it has the qualities of each show in this fic... Just incase some got mixed up with that haha...

Fashion House is a show on Foxtel... About bitches and their bastards :lol:

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Lust, I find is the only way out of the stress during your life. It doesn’t matter who I’m with, though as long as I receive the pleasure I long for, I don’t have a care in the world. Though every situation has a different story. And every story will have a climax. This may how it all begins, though when it ends. Nothing will be the same.

Amanda brushes back the hair of her ex husband, Dan Baker. As they lay together in bed, Amanda smiles to herself, she’s receiving what she wanted. She doesn’t care if she hurts her fiancée’s heart who is Dan’s brother, Peter… She just needs this time to rewind and relax. Tonight is the night where she launches her fashion label, Desire. As the sun continues to set, Amanda turns and looks at the clock, the time which reads 5:45pm.

“Oh god!” Amanda screamed as she leapt out of bed which woke Dan up. “Dan, hurry up and get up and get dressed before Peter comes home.” Amanda said panicking.

“I thought he doesn’t come home until six?” Dan said sleepily as he put on his jeans.

“He does, and I have to be ready for tonight… Tonight’s the night Dan” Amanda smiles to herself as she looks out the window. “Tonight’s the night we’ve been working on for so long. The debut of Desire.”

Living in a small seaside town, where their feelings are buried six feet under, and where their actions take over their heart… Out for revenge and justice or out for love and lust… When their hopes, dreams and fantasies are crushed by their nightmares… In a town where secrets never stay hidden… Where life and death is an option in this world…When it comes to desire and despair… They will crash and burn.

Chapter One: The One Where It Begins

The sun continues to set down and creates a shine on the ocean. People begin to seat themselves as the show is about to begin, the show that will debut Desire. “Are you sure this is the right place to debut Desire?” Leah asked Josie as they walk down to the beach where the show has been set up.

“Sand, surf, fresh air. It’s the perfect place Leah, it reflects who we are and what we are about” Josie says, finishing putting her lipstick on. As they reach the destination of the runway, backstage, the models begin to get ready for the show. Drew walks in, searching for his girlfriend, the face of Desire; Belle. As he finds her, he runs up to her and gives her a gigantic hug.

“You look so hot in that babe” He says, kissing her neck.

“What are you doing here? Amanda will freak if she catches a guy in here!” Belle says pushing Drew back with a cheeky grin.

“I think Amanda would make exceptions if it was me” Drew says kissing her back.

“No, she won’t, she’ll bite your head off believe me.” A few meters away, Martha is fixing up Matilda’s hair.

“So how do you feel about all of this?” Matilda says checking herself out in the mirror.

“Feel about what?” Martha says.

“About becoming a model… How does it feel, not to be working in a bar any more?”

“I love it” Martha says with a chuckle.

“Are you sure? When you first arrived here I remembered you as the tom boy from the country”

“People change” Martha says with a faulty smile.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yeah… Of course”

As the models finish up on getting ready, outside, everyone is just about seated. Amanda and Dan walk up to Josie and Leah, both of them looking as innocent as puppys.

“Well isn’t this a nice day for a debut?” Amanda says brushing her hair back.

“It is indeed… Where’s Peter?” Josie says, asking Amanda.

“He’ll be here.” Amanda smiles as she walks away. Dan kisses Leah, to cover up any suspicion.

“I was wondering where you were…” Leah says.

“Amanda just needed a lift, that’s all”.

The beach has now been lit up with Christmas lights as the sun has now passed. Amanda walks up the runway with a microphone, about to announce the launch of Desire.

“Good evening, and welcome to a very special night, a night where we become one, as we launch our fashion line, Desire.” People begin to clap as Amanda walks off. The music begins very quickly as the first model goes up the runway. Sitting not far from the front, Ric, Lucas and Drew can’t keep their eyes off her.

“Mate, she’s fine” Ric says in a whisper. Lucas looks towards him.

“What did you say?” Lucas asks Ric.

“Oh, I said, boy, when is this over so we can dine… I’m starving.” Ric says, covering up his words. Matilda walks out and people begin to rise with cheer.

“That’s my girlfriend!” Ric says screaming. Behind the boys sit Beth and Tony… Not too pleased about how the boys are reacting.

“And I can’t believe he’s going out with my daughter” Beth says in a tone of disgust. Matilda reaches the end and smiles, loving what she’s wanted to do. As her hair flies back from the wind, Matilda sharply turns around and walks back up. As Matilda walks into backstage, Belle runs up to her with two glasses of champagne.

“Matilda, look what I stole!” Belle says with a cheeky grin.

“We’re so dead” Matilda says with a laugh as they run off with the champagne. Sitting in the audience is a very pleased Amanda. Everything she’s worked for has been accomplished. This was it, she’s finally getting what she’s worked for. Peter arrives and sits next to Amanda, without her noticing.

“So this is it, huh?” Peter says.

“Where were you?” Amanda says, not sounding too pleased.

“I was held up at work… Someone I worked hard to put away has just been let out on parole.” Not sounding too happy.

“What are you talking about?” Not paying attention as she continues to view the show.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell you later”.

As Belle walks back into backstage, Drew grabs her and they begin to make out.

“Drew, you have to stop sneaking in!” Belle says with a teasing laugh.

“You were so hot out there”

“I know. I know… Why do you think I’m the face of Desire?” Belle says with a smile.

A bottle of champagne has been cracked open, and the after party begins. Drew and Belle walk up the stairs of the Vale mansion and ponder into her room.

“I don’t want tonight to end.” Belle says as she kisses Drew against the door.

“You know it doesn’t have to.” Drew says kissing her back.

Downstairs as the party continues, hiding in the corner is a very terrified looking Lucas. As he turns to face the wall, he takes out a small packet of drugs. He swallows one and then finishes off his glass of water. Very slowly, Lucas turns around, facing the crowd that didn’t notice him taking the drugs. Lucas smiles with relief… Everything is going to be fine. As Lucas walks up to talk to Martha, Ric and Matilda pull away from talking to Sally and begin to dance.

“Tonight was like the best night ever.” Matilda says with a smile.

“You deserve it, you deserve every bit of it” Ric says kissing her. From the distance, an upset Beth watches on. Tony walks up to her with two glasses of champagne.

“Is everything alright?” Tony says handing the glass over to Beth.

“She’s growing up so fast Tony… I have to stop her” Beth says flatly.

“What are you talking about?

“I have to stop everything that’s changing her life around… Too much is happening with her.”

“What do you want her to do? Leave Desire?” Tony says with a chuckle as the thought of the idea sounds ridiculous.

“That… And to leave Ric.” Tony almost chokes after hearing what she just said. He wondered to himself, did he hear her right? Did she just say she wants Matilda to leave Desire and to leave Ric?

As the party continues, upstairs, Peter and Amanda walk into their room.

“Ok, so what’s going on?” Amanda says not sounding interested.

“Remember Claire? My partner?” Peter says as he shuts the door.

“Yeah, what about her?” Amanda says sitting on the bed.

“Back in the nineties when we used to work together, we put a whole family behind bars, for dealing drugs, murders. Anything bad, you name it” Peter says sitting opposite Amanda.

“Like a mafia family?” Amanda says questioning herself.

“Yes! A mafia family! Known as the Gillian’s. Well guess what Amanda, they’ve just let one of them go, Dennis. On parole”

“Oh… I see.” Now confused with the too much information.

“Amanda, he vowed to get revenge on Claire and I once he was let out. He can’t do much because he’s on parole and he’ll go back inside, but Amanda. This guy is dangerous… Meaning he’ll put our lives in danger”

“So… What do we do?” Beginning to sound scared of Peter’s tone.

“I don’t know… But we have to be ready for him when he arrives”

“That’s if he arrives” Amanda stands up and hugs Peter. As she faces the mirror she looks at herself, wondering what will be ahead for her in life. Also scared of the decisions she’s making.

Josie walks into her million dollar apartment and flicks on the lights to brighten up the room. She walks over to the phone and picks it up. Walking slowly towards the balcony, Josie begins to breathe heavily… She’s about to make a call that could be a huge risk… A call to bring down somebody… A call to bring down Amanda… A call to bring down Desire. As she dials the numbers, Josie silently waits as she listens to the waves crashing in the background.

As the sun rises, a new day has been born. People begin to pick up from when they left off. At the beach, Jack runs up towards the surf club and does a few stretches to release his pain from his jog. He notices the time and freaks out.

“Oh man, Martha’s going to kill me” As Jack begins to run up the road, a car speeds straight pass the “Welcome to Summer Bay sign”. They fly pass the scenery of the beach. The man smiles as he watches the town he’s just entered. He looks at the passengers seat where a folder lies, and where a gun lies. He opens up the folder as he continues to drive up the road. The first page is a file on Peter Baker. The man grunts and folds over the page which is a file on Tony Holden. Again, the man grunts and folds it over again which is a file on Jack Holden. The man looks up to continue on his driving and spots the person he was just looking at, Jack Holden. With joy, the man smiles and continues to speed even faster. Jack turns around as he hears the noise of the car coming behind him. Though as soon as he looks back…

Lying lifeless on the floor, Jack lays unconscious. With his life in the balance as the car continues to drive off.

Rachel continues to drink her coffee as she reads the front page of the news paper about the debut of Desire. She stops reading the paper when she hears a knock at the door. Slowly, Rachel gets up and opens the door… Standing before her is the man that ran down Jack. As he stood before Rachel in his black shirt and pants and his black hair gelled back, Rachel doesn’t seem to know what to say.

“Yes? Could I help you?” Rachel questions the man.

“My car broke down, and my phone is dead… Would I be able to use yours?” The man says slowly.

“Ugh, sure… I haven’t seen you around before, what’s your name?”

“Gillian… Dennis Gillian.” Dennis says with an evil smile.

“Nice to meet you Dennis… I’ll just grab you the phone” Rachel says with a smile as she walks off. Dennis turns around, with his back to Rachel, in the door way.

“Life is about to become a roller coaster for these people” He says with a laugh. “The idiots wont know what hit them” Sounding serious, Dennis turns around and walks into Rachel’s home, slamming the door behind him.

to be continued

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