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    i love shopping, dancing, clubbing, having fun with friends, concerts, writing, reading, creating, designing, photography etc<br /><br />music - all most anything - justin timberlake, beyonce, christina aguilera, nelly furtado, britney spears, paula abdul, pussycat dolls, black eyed peas, gwen stefani, p diddy, snoop dogg, sugababes, caira, cherish, ashanti, lily allen, james blunt, the kooks, the zutons, the kaiser chiefs, kelis, brandy, danity kane etc<br /><br />films - the devil wears prada, memiors of a geisha, legally blonde, happy gilmore and lots more<br /><br />books - does cosmopolitan count? lol only joking my fave book is memoirs of a geisha by arthur golden
  1. im here sweety, hows it going?
  2. lol thats sweet at least the hospital has some entertainment then lol i hate hospitals they drive me nuts cos you have to wait for ages
  3. ouch that must of hurt, ive hurt myself many times too, never broken a bone * touhes wood* but ive fractured my toe when i was on holiday lol
  4. wow big time difference its 10:50 am here
  5. hows everyone? been ages since ive been posting here
  6. good work jen! i reall ylike the 2nd and forth ric and lucas ones
  7. lovin all the latest work jen
  8. aww well done jen, those belle and drew avs are soo cute
  9. love your latest work jen, especially the flowers
  10. i love this one! well done jen
  11. happy new year jen, love all your latest work! there really good
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