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Ashton Nayder


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^^ Settle down!

1) Please try your best to use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) when posting on the Forum. This makes your posts easier to understand and readable by all. Please don't post in all capitals (LIKE THIS), as it is considered shouting and is hard to read. Also, talking in txt-speak is strictly prohibited. The personal pronoun 'I' is written with a capital I. After a full stop, like . (period), ! (exclamation mark) and ? (question mark), please use a capital letter in the next sentence.

Proof reading your post works wonders. There's a "preview post" button you can use, and once posted, an "edit"-button, so if you've spelt something wrong (etc), you can go back and edit your post!

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Ashton is a loser, yeh im going to say loser instead of using harsh language, because there are alot of kiddies in the forum <_< But yes, he is far from what you call sexy hunk. And he needs to get off my tv screen very soon. So not looking forward to tonights episode :angry:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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