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  1. When You Look Me In The Eyes- Jonas Brothers
  2. Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta! Delta!

    34 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Colors Of The Wind- Vanessa Hudgens My sister got my Disney Mania 5 while we were in America and I got it for Christmas it's the best album becides Delta
  4. We'll Be Together- Ashley Tisdale
  5. We finally got a warm day Only I'm sick as so I didn't get to sunbake or anything like I had planed for the 1st hot day of the holidays
  6. Pretty dodgy for summer It's cold I'm in jeans and ugg boots I never wear that is December.
  7. Fortune and Love- Delta Goodrem
  8. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas- Delta Goodrem
  9. Possessionless- Delta Goodrem
  10. It was quite miserable today actually rained abit and I wore a jacket for the first time in weeks. It was good to have some cooler weather though it was so hot this week.
  11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas- Delta Goodrem
  12. All my exams are over!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg such a relief but the laft 4 years of high school have been a waste now no more history, geograhpy or science ever!
  13. Sam =)

    Support Group

    Ok so here's the situation my parents aren't together anymore and I have my year 10 formal assembly coming up at the end of November where we get our completion certificates and all our school makes a hugeeee deal of it. Anyway I told my mum about it ages ago because I knew I wanted her there more than anyone else and if she wasn't comfortable with my dad being there then I wouldn't invite him but mum said it was fine and I had been working up the courage to invite him for like a month now because I feared he would do exactly what he ended up doing. So this weekend mum went away with her friends so we were staying with dad and I figured I better invite him so I did and when I did he asked me if his girlfriend could come and I said no because I really don't want the woman who tore apart my family and had my dad cheating on us for like a year there I can't stand the woman she is horrible to me and only really likes my sister hates me and my brother. Anyway back on track I said no and dad said "well I pay the school fees so I will take whoever I want" and I said "well my mother has a right to feel comfortable at her own daughters school event and you can't blackmail me like that because I know mum would pay our school fees if she had to" and he said "fine then I'm not coming without her and if your mother wants to pay school fees next year lets see her pay for 2 kids in private school" in the end I just said "fine don't come". So for the last 2 nights I have cried myself to sleep worrying about it mum came home today and I haven't told her yet all I told her was I invited him. I really need help! I don't want the stupid woman my dad left us for there but I really want my dad there. I know it would hurt mum to see her there and I'm closer with my mum than anyone in the world so I would never hurt her like that but I also want my dad there. What do I do? Only have mum there? Or have mum, dad and the girlfriend there? I hate this why so we even have to have these stupid things? Mod Note: Threads Merged
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