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The Autograph Thread


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Does anyone have any Home and Away Fancards, Its so unfair I dont have any, do I actually have to write to them to get one because ?I was wondering that If I write to one of the H&A cast would they write back to me and give me a fan card too? :unsure:

Yeah, you have to either write to them or meet them :)

I wrote to Jodi Gordon, Jessica Tovey and Holly Brisley a while back and still

awaiting replies.......

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I got Nicholas Bishop the other day he even personalised it to me...

Took a few weeks, :)

Did he send you a letter aswell?

Im so jealous.

Now i am deffernutly going to write him a letter.

I think your the first person I know who he has wrote back to.

Heres the autograph.


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I wrote to Jodi Gordon in December and no reply since, I am writing to Sally soon so hopefully she'll reply. :)

Jodi will still reply....give it time.

One of my friends wrote to chris 2 years ago and got her reply last week.

I've so far written to Jodi Gordon, Holly Brisley, Amy Mizzi and Jessica Tovey and am awaiting replies..

I was just wondering, as I've never written to a cast member before, what kind of things do you write to them about? And do you have to ask them for a fan card etc ? I'm just asking because I don't want to come across all obsessive and fangirlish. If that makes sense :) Any help appreciated.

You can request for fancards but they usually send them anyway, in the letter, just compliment them on the wonderful job they do and also maybe tell them a bit about yourself.

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