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The Autograph Thread


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On the new yahoo7 site i can not see any contact details ?? is it me or there is no address to write to ?

I have been in those ques and met a few of the gang and it is well worth the wait. Christie Hayes ,Bec

were great as were Clarissa , Ada and Chris + Lynn McG - soo generous with their time for each fan.

I am very Isabel Biased and stoked that the new site has a link to my yahoo group - a bit quiet since 2003

(i started it the night Jane Doe first appered ). however have not been lucky with meet & greets with her at ch7 events (not there or was there earlier and the que too big.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I got 4 Fancards : Rhys wakefield, Paul O'brienn , Sharni Vinson and Clarrissa House (she was the quickest to wrote back to me !)

I send out :

Mark Furze

Indiana Evans

Holy Brisley

Jessica Tovey

Tim Campbell

Lynne Mcgranger

Chris Hemsworth

Ada Nicodemou

Jodi Gordon

Nicholas Bishop

Amy Mathews

Jason Smith

Isabel Lucas

Jon siverwright

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I've had 8 fancards which I feel quite lucky about as I'm in the UK.

Bec Cartwright replied in about 5 months with a signed fancard and a standardised letter but at the end she added a bit answering the Qs I had asked her.

Lyn Collingwood replied in a very short time- about 4 weeks, and Clarissa House and Ray Meagher in about 8 weeks, all of them wrote a short message on the card.

Ben Unwin and Isabel Lucas replied in about 6 months with personally signed cards, and Isabel sent a standardised letter that was also signed.

Laurie Foell replied 9 months after I wrote with a really nice message on the card.

Finally, I got a reply from Ada a couple of weeks ago which was personally signed and had a letter with it. I wrote to Ada three times; once in 2002! Then again in Aug 2004, and once in Aug 2005, so it was in response to one of these times! lol- it either took 4 years, 1 and a half years, or 8 months! We'll never really know! lol But it just goes to show that usually you will evetually get a reply, however long it takes!

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